Asteroid 19

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Asteroid 19[edit]

A top secret training facility located in the heart of an asteroid field in the Vectra system, Asteroid 19 provides naval pilots with a deadly environment in which they can hone their skills of war.

Asteroid 19 is the VEN's most prodigious training facility


Asteroid 19 was funded by the resources amassed after the Vast Empire's second wave of expansion within their newly conquered territory. The Vast Empire's best astronautical engineers where called upon with an impossible tasked of constructing the state-of-the-art facility within the heart of an asteroid field close to Tague and Abrae; home to Naval HQ. The project took many years to complete during which time the facility's role was greatly expanded. Explosives where used to mine the asteroid field, weapons platform and relay stations where installed within the core of the field leading to the mapping of a deadly, hostile gauntlet in which pilots would test their mettle. With the facility's completion the elite squadrons of the Navy where often faced with heavily restricted access to Asteroid 19 due the Navy's fear of it's whereabouts being leaked into unwanted hands. The facility has built up a feared reputation within the starfighter corps. due to it's foreboding location and the unfortunate fatality count that has been tallied to those less experienced pilots.

Current status[edit]

The facility is currently housing an inter-squadron tournament between 26th Tuk'ata and 153rd Rhegent's Reign.