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Congratulations! Now that you have completed ALL of the specialty stories, you must pass the Qualification Exams. On your specialty sheet, you will notice a total of nine stories added in. You will be doing three of these stories. Contact your Commanding Officer and your Specialty Coordinator to set up a meeting with them (if possible) to set these stories up. The stories are the following:

  • Data Communications (Radio, Microwave, Holo)
  • High-Frequency and Burst Communication Equipment
  • Droid Diagnostic and Repair
  • Light Vehicle Electronics Diagnostic and Repair
  • Human/Signals Intelligence Collection &Analysis
  • Cryptology

You're probably wondering by know how it is decided which stories to complete. Well, it's fairly simple: you're all going to choose a story.

First Story: Trooper's Choice Second Story: Commanding Officer's Choice Third Story: Specialty Coordinator's Choice

Note: The order here may go in whichever order the trooper would like. There will be NO selecting two of the same stories. Upon completion of all THREE Exams, trooper will recieve a full-grade promotion.

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