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Makenna Aleshire
Military Information



Chief Petty Officer


Squadron Commander


Aurek 1 (Silver 1)






ISD-II Paragon


2nd Fleet




SOArib.gif MC1rib.gifDD War.png DSMrib.gif CBVrib.gif DD Death.png CNQST.png NSR H.gif WMaward1.png CaptainsOwn.png


Vast Empire

Physical Description


Skin color:





130 lbs.

Hair Color:

auburn with blond streaks

Hair Style:

long and curly, ponytail

Facial Hair:





left shoulder and right calf to knee


Symbol of pirate band on her back between shoulder blades



Biographical Information




Birth Date:

February 25, 12 BBY






starfighter pilot









Family: Kale (father),

Selene (mother, deceased),

Ethan (brother),

Collin (brother)



Fighting Style:


Naval Certifications
First Certification

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Cert 1.3:

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Fourth Certification


Ship Captaincy Certification
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Current status[edit]

Senior Chief Petty Officer and Squadron Commanding Officer of Jexxel Squadron

SCO/SCPO Avalar/Silver 1/S:46 “Strill”/W:101 “Blade”/ISD Adjudicator/TF:A/2Flt/VEN/VE [SoA] [MC1] [CC: W] [DSM] x2 [CBV] [CC: D] [CNQST] [HNS [WM1] [*CO*]



Makenna is above average in height. Her hair is a deep auburn with a couple of blonde streaks from a random hair dye experience. It is long, somewhat curly, and is almost always tied in a ponytail that is laid over her shoulder. Her eyes are deep brown. Her left shoulder contains many knife scars from a hand-to-hand fight she had with a guard once. There is also a long scar that crosses up from her right calf to her knee from an incident involving an escape and falling off a hover bike. Her physical build is more slender than muscular, allowing her to be quick on her feet, but her overall strength is small. This is why she prefers fighting from a distance rather than hand-to-hand. She is always walking with confidence, shoulders back and chest forward.


Makenna’s name means “born of fire”, and she rightly represents this idea. She is persistent, idealistic, feisty, and stubborn with a knack for the occasional flippant comment. She also loves a good competition and will give her all to win (though her attitude when she loses is not always pleasant). While she was a pirate and was required to follow the rules, Makenna was used to being on a similar level to her peers, making her seem rebellious in the eyes of authority figures. After all, respect was earned, not granted by position. She likes to speak sarcastically to her friends, though her sarcasm can come off as blunt and arrogant to many. Overall, Makenna is a generally happy person, though people that rub her the wrong way may remain on her personal black list. Her idealism makes her optimistic, but it can also lead her into pessimism/depression when reality finally hits her. She also has a tendency to rely on luck when luck shouldn’t be a factor. Somehow though she has managed to dodge the bullet more than once. Due to her past, she has a hard time leaving people she cares about to fend for themselves, and she will disobey orders if a friend is in danger and she can help them.


Makenna was born on Bonadan to her parents Kale and Selene Aleshire. She has two brothers, one younger and one older. Her older brother is named Collin and her younger brother is named Ethan. Her parents worked for the corporate overlords on Bonadan, and they were known for following the rules, else they’d be killed. When Collin was old enough to leave, he left his family to find a life of his own and “explore the world”. As Makenna neared the age where she could work, she was thrust into the corporate world her parents worked in. But Makenna was stubborn, and she had a tendency to resist the authority there. Eventually she did wrong in the eyes of the overlords, and no amount of apology could right her wrong. The overlords sought out her family, and killed her mother as a lesson for her behavior. They also trapped her into servitude, keeping her from her father and brother.
Makenna was 16 at this time, and she was sick of being a slave to the corporate overlords, but she had no choice because if she tried to defy them, they would kill her family and leave her alive. Of course, her fate changed when a band of pirates decided to raid Bonadan. They took several items, as well as some of the people as hostages, Makenna being one of them. After the pirates had made off with their loot, they gave the hostages a choice: to join them or be left on a planet to fend for themselves (since they would not kill them). Makenna jumped at the chance to join the pirates, after all, their life looked like more fun than her life had been on Bonadan.
So Makenna lived out the next several years as a pirate. The band she had joined was not affiliated with any specific organization. They were a small rogue group that had joined together after their lives had been destroyed by wars on other planets. Though they were small, they had the gall to raid planets that had fairly decent security. They used their small size and general autonomy to get into places they weren’t allowed. It was during this time that Makenna learned how to fire a weapon and to fly simple craft, though she wasn’t often allowed to fly for any important missions. Her best friend in the group was a man named Tamran. He reminded her of her older brother, and she went to him for almost everything.
Of course, the good situation wasn’t meant to last. One of their raids led into disaster because their leader had become too cocky. Their planned surprise attack met with ambush, and the pirates were either killed or scattered. Each of them lost contact, and Makenna was left to fend for herself with the ship she had gotten back to and used as an escape. She never received contact from any of the pirates, but she refuses to think that they are all dead. The reality of the situation made her both weary and angry, but she knew that she couldn’t just give everything up because she still had a life to live. It was on one of the planets that she had visited that she learned about the Vast Empire, and while she had never considered joining any sort of military anything, the idea of being able to fly into battle intrigued her, so she decided to sign up.
And now we are brought to this instance, where Makenna attempts to make a name for herself in the VEN.

FM to XO to SC[edit]

When Makenna joined the ranks of the VEN, she did it for two reasons. 1. She had no where left to go. 2. Because her friend who had died in her arms had recommended that she do so. Once Makenna joined up, she became one of the top trainees of her class and was recognized as such by earning the Star of Valor. Finally, it seemed as though Makenna had found a place she could call home and her past could be dealt with once and for all.

However, Makenna underestimated what war was really all about. Her first assignment was the Battle of Bloodmoon as a Flight Member of Chlovi Squadron. Upon meeting her new squadron very briefly, she took a huge disliking to its SC, Dunny, but came to be decent friends with her wingmate, Fletcher. Unfortunately, the Battle of Bloodmoon was a fierce first sortie for Makenna and a fierce battle for Chlovi as they faced a tough squadron known as The Saints. The end result of the battle was that most Chlovi members had to eject to save themselves. Most were mentally scarred or physically hurt. Makenna had somehow escaped fairly unscathed.

Makenna's relation to Chlovi Squadron was soon severed though. After the Battle of Bloodmoon, there was one squadron that needed better pilots to help make her work right. That squadron was the 56th "Strill" Squadron. Makenna was quickly thrust into the new squadron who was still earning her title of commando, and she had quickly found her friends and enemies. Before the Battle of the Sollamens, Makenna had gotten to know a Flight Lead named Tik, who was a drunk; her SC Joamer, who quickly became a great friend; and a Flight Member named Thatcher, who fit her personality to a T. Though she had doubts about the transfer, it became obvious that Makenna had found her squadron fit, even if she did have some people she didn't like as much.

Towards the end of a devastating sim run against the Chief of Naval Warfare, Wyl Trykon, the Naval Commander in Chief had been reported as kidnapped. Thus, Makenna's second sortie was started as everyone took to battle stations and the Second Fleet dropped in to take the asteroid Gwodd LK Nale. The battle for the asteroid had been too easy and it made Makenna feel too conscious of her past. As she and Joamer helped out on the ground of the asteroid, Joamer was quick to promote her to the position of SXO. Though she refused it, they had no time to argue as the comm units went down and all hell broke loose.

The first battle on Gwodd LK Nale was devastating. Strill had only lost one, but Gundark and Jexxel had lost many others. Makenna had crash landed her fighter, receiving an injury to her left hand that would never properly heal. During the chaotic calm after the battle, Makenna confronted Thatcher about something that had been bothering her for a long time: his true identity. She was quick to figure out that Thatcher Morrowind was actually her best friend Tamran Valor who had managed to survive the devastating attack on their pirate band. Though she hated that he had lied to her, they had no time to sort of their feelings before the second Battle of the Sollamens had commenced. Comm units were clear temporarily, giving the squadrons stationed on Gwodd LK Nale a chance to really organize themselves.

The result of the second battle was a victory but at a price. Jexxel Squadron had been devastated beyond repair. Tamran had lost part of his right arm in an explosion. Makenna's hand injury had reopened during flight and she was eventually forced to land. Strill Squadron as a whole had managed to keep themselves alive though not necessarily intact. Makenna had found herself in a dark place between hoping Tamran would survive and recognizing how many people had died by her hands or others. She could begin to feel the weight of being SXO, and though she didn't want to keep the position, she didn't want to leave it either.

However, Makenna didn't have a choice. Several days after they had returned to the Adjudicator and they had returned to Belgaroth for repairs, Makenna had found out that she was being made SCO of Jexxel Squadron. It was a surprise and one that seemed to come without a good reason, at least in her eyes. Suddenly, Makenna was in a true leader position, taking after a man who had been well-known by everyone in the Second Fleet as a great squadron commander.

Will she fly? Or will she fall?

The Road of the Commander[edit]

After becoming Jexxel's new SC, Makenna found that she was not welcome in the least. The four remaining Jexxel veterans had revered Wolfrott so much that they would have much rather followed him to the grave. The worst of all pilots was Dante Vangelos who had decided to openly accost Makenna for her complete lack of experience. Tensions ran high, and Makenna did not know how to deal with the situation. In one turn of events, her new flight lead, Demetrius Aita, had met with Makenna and agreed to help her if in turn Makenna gave him recommendations for a squadron. She agreed though more for her benefit than his.

But time had been cut short. After the briefing for the next squadron mission, Seth Qorbin arranged a meeting between Makenna and Vangelos. The two battled it out, feelings were put into place, and Makenna had arranged a plan to move Jexxel forward. During Jexxel's briefing a new motto was adopted, "Through weakness, we are strong."

Prior to the oncoming battle at the docks, Jexxel had received a couple of new pilots. Eager to put her new plan into action, Makenna had paired new recruits with veterans. However, one recruit, Xanatos, was soon to be taken from Jexxel, adding to the many deaths that plagued the squadron. Though unconfirmed, Makenna suspects that Xanatos' death was no accident. But, in the interest of moving forward, she had to put the situation behind them and look to the battle ahead.

The Battle at Nusiuu Docks was hard, but Jexxel came out on top. With feelings put aside temporarily, and in some cases, for good, Jexxel managed to not lose a single member in battle. Because of this victory, Jexxel's spirits which had been trampled on several times over were now lifted, and Makenna could not have been more proud. During celebrations the squadron was moved to the Paragon as Pherrik "Serpent" Zail's promotion caused quite a change in leadership.

Now Jexxel waits for the looming invasion of Correllia and what is in store for them as a squadron.

Service History[edit]


Insignia Rank Start Until Reason for Promotion
CRWSFC.JPG Crewman December 17, 2012 December 18, 2012 Joined the VE Navy
SCRWSFC.JPG Senior Crewman December 18, 2012 February 8, 2013 Graduated Naval Academy with distinction
PO2SFC.JPG Petty Officer Second Class February 8, 2013 May 12, 2013 Participation in Counterpunch: War
CPO.PNG Chief Petty Officer May 12, 2013 October 12, 2013 Participation in Counterpunch: Death
SCPO.PNG Senior Chief Petty Officer October 12, 2013 present Participation in Chapter 9 Prelude: Navy


Position Start Until Reason
Trainee December 17, 2012 December 18, 2012 Joined the VE Navy
Flightmember.png December 18, 2012 February 1, 2013 Assigned to Chlovi Squadron, as Cresh 4 (Flight Member),
Squadronxo.png February 1, 2013 May 12, 2013 Transferred to Strill Squadron, as Besh 1(Squadron Executive Officer),
Squadroncommander.png May 12, 2013 present Transferred to Jexxel Squadron, as Aurek 1(Squadron Commanding Officer),


Ribbon Award Award Name Date Received Reason
SOArib.gif SoA Star of the Academy December 18, 2012 exemplary performance in naval academy
MC1rib.gif MC1 Merit Cross First Class February 8, 2013 "recognition of Starfighter Corps leadership, deescalation of personality conflicts, and story contributions"
DD War.png CC:W Counterpunch: War participation February 8, 2013 participation in War
CaptainsOwn.png *CO* Captain's Own March 5, 2013; April 1, 2013; May 3, 2013 outstanding work in the current current story (Death).
DSMrib.gif DSM Distinguished Service Medal May 12, 2013 "For her excellent contributions to the story, and for her work as SXO of Strill Squadron, which was truly above and beyond the call of duty."
CBVrib.gif CBV Cross of Bravery May 12, 2013 "For her excellent contributions to the story, and for her work as SXO of Strill Squadron, which was truly above and beyond the call of duty."
DD Death.png CC:D Counterpunch: Death participation May 12, 2013 "For her excellent contributions to the story, and for her work as SXO of Strill Squadron, which was truly above and beyond the call of duty."
CNQST.png CNQST Legion of Conquest May 12, 2013 "For her excellent contributions to the story, and for her work as SXO of Strill Squadron, which was truly above and beyond the call of duty."
NSR H.gif HNS Naval Service Ribbon Half Year June 18, 2013 Half year of "consecutive" service
WMaward0.png WM0 Wiki Maintenance Award Level 0 August 1, 2013 Kept wiki page up to date
CaptainsOwn.png *CO* Captain's Own August 2, 2013 Most active squadron of the month
DSMrib.gif DSM Distinguished Service Medal October 12, 2013 "And also, at the request of her Squadron, to whom she has shown great leadership..."
WMaward1.png WM1 Wiki Maintenance Award Level 1 November 8, 2013 Kept wiki page up to date

Story Participation Log[edit]

Story Participation
Story Start Date End Date Type Post Count
Counterpunch: War December 4, 2012  ? Navy Story 3
Counterpunch: Death February 9, 2013  ? Navy Story 12
VEN: Heart of the Second May 12, 2013  ? Navy CD Story 2
Chapter 9 Prelude: Navy June 28, 2013  ? Chapter Story 3
Chapter 9: Navy Part 1: Arrival November 3, 2013  ? Chapter Story 1
Total: 21