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Praxeus II: Looks Like its Going to Rain

ESC 2009
  • Infiltrate Thrawn's mobile command center
  • Take out the Commanders
Timeline (Actual):
  • July 19th, 2009 to (TBA)
Timeline (Story):
  • Tadath
  • TBA
  • Imperial Remnant (Thrawn)
  • A lot of other shit
  • None
  • Unknown

Elite Squad Competition, 2009 - RAIDERS Squad[edit]


RAIDERS have been through a lot of roster changes recently. The squad has recently returned from the planet of Praxeus where they took on a local crime lord by the name of the Rain Maker. They needed one of his former employees to shut down a communications relay, but the man - Rask Templar - would not help them unless they found out who had murdered his son.

The Rain Maker was finally aprehended at the weather tower on the far side of the town. He revealed that he had drugged Rask and that Rask had killed his own son. This was too much for the man and he promptly killed himself. Jaenna used the codes to shut down the communications relay and the squad headed back to Tadath.

The squad was rattled by the events on Praxeus, and Hrail before that. They had only a few weeks on Tadath before the attack by Thrawn's troops.

The Mission[edit]

I'm Tellin' Y'all It's Sabotage![edit]

Raiders will travel to the Sentinel with Iron Horse. Once the boarding parties have landed, Raiders will steal a ship and fly to the Inexorable. There they will start by taking out the shield gens.

—Mission Dossier

I'm Tellin' Y'all It's Sabotage! started when RAIDERS Squad came to the fight with Iron Horse as Thrawn's fleet jumped into the system. RAIDERS, grouped with Iron Horse Squad for a short shuttle ride, lifted off from the surface and aimed for the Rendili Space Drives Orbital Platform, Sentinel. The squads split up after they landed in the platform, making their way to one of the landing craft, Joamer and Jaenna took the reigns of the pilot seats. Bacredi and Grahim took the swivel gunner seats, hopefully being able to destroy any opposition that met them. Their objective then was to head towards a Victory I-Class Star Destroyer inexorable and, with support from 5 Squads of Marines and a Squad of Special Forces, would attempt to take out the Shield Generators. RAIDERS split into two Fire Teams, one headed by Havock and another by Jaenna, while the Special Forces split into two as well. They were heading towards two of the shield generators, one Special Forces Team paired with a RAIDERS Fire Team.

Havock led Bacredi, Grahim and Karash while Jaenna took Joamer, Akilla, and Walcroft. They met little opposition due to the fact that they were wearing stealth suits and avoided most patrols. The marine squads stayed back to cover their escape. Two fire teams to each generator worked out generally well, and they all ended up meeting their objective without any bloodshed. That was until they actually entered the shield generator rooms, when the two teams began to rip apart all opposition with crowd control weapons. Havock and Jaenna's squad performed marveously and they both planted explosives onto the generators while still under fire. Blowing it, the teams escaped and began to move towards their next objectives. Casualties in this objectives were at a minimal for the friendlies, and only one Special Forces member was ripped apart by a ricochet. RAIDERS Squad was allowed one personal weapon each and one squad weapon, and they were all equipped with shadow suits which helped them sneaked by in patrols.

Hey, Who Turned Out the Lights?[edit]

The shields failing raises a full alert to Raiders' presence on the Inexorable. Security teams are dispatched to deal with them. Raiders proceeds to the port and aft targeting systems to disable them.

—Mission Dossier

"Hey, who turned out the lights? were the last words a sorry crewman muttered before he was killed by the butt of a rifle. RAIDERS Squad was still on the Inexorable with their marine and special forces counterparts. They were instructed to proceed towards the targeting systems—which were placed in the aft and port of the ship. The teams headed to the targets quickly, this time with marine help as security teams began to head towards their last known location. The ship was faltering and being bombarded now that it was vulnerable, and RAIDERS had to move quickly. The fire teams dispatched themselves through the vents and back hallways. This time it was much, much, much harder for the teams to penetrate the ship's defences.

RAIDERS Squad ended up destroying the targeting systems, not without loss of life, however. Many Marines were lost while Walcroft, a RAIDERS trooper, was killed.

Dead in the Water...err...Space[edit]

The Inexorable tries to pull out of the fight. Raiders is told to shut it down and EVAC. They must proceed to the belly of the VSD and reach the Engine Control Core on their way to the docking bay.

—Mission Dossier

Dead in Water! RAIDERS ran as fast as they could to the engine core room. They met heavy opposition and eventually met up with the other teams. Now a full fighting force, RAIDERS attempted to head towards the engine room through back hallways. But there was only one way to reach the engine core from their current location—a very slow door. As they reached that door, Jaenna left Karash and Bacredi back with eight or so marines to cover their retreat as they attempted to open the door. Karash and Bacredi brought out crates and put marines in the external hallways and behind doorways. The doors that kept them from the enemy were smashed open, and in popped two flashbangs. The first two marines at the front of the color were the first to take the hit, having been killed immediately after the flashbangs went off.

Meanwhile, Jaenna and Havock attempted to open the door with marines covering their part of the hallway. Bacredi and Karash had lost three more marines in the external hallway. Three marines and two troopers versus an ongoing amount of troopers didn't look good. Grenades were tossed from each side, but the Thrawnists mainly had flashbangs due to the fact that the soldiers on the surface had all of the good equipment. Bacredi and Karash tossed grenades and ran out of ammo in unison, both of them drawing their pistols. The doors had opened, however, due to Jaenna's skill with hacking. Bacredi and Karash, along with the remaining marines retreated. Two marines died in the retreat and they both turned the corner to allies waiting to ambush the enemy. They all made it through the door and through the engine core and the hangar, hurting the engine core on their way out. Bacredi piloted the escape pod to the surface.


RAIDERS arrives planetside at Fort Sexton and is tasked with protecting the AHC in the command center. Several squads of elite troops infiltrate the Fort and head towards the Command Center.

—Mission Dossier

Fort Sexton was the stronghold of the Army High Command and therefore they were tasked with the best troopers to protect them. RAIDERS Squad who were rested for about an hour or two, were in Fort Sexton, preparing for an inevitable assault. They had been given new weapons and armor, and they then transported the commanders to their bunker. The opposition started an hour later as three squads of Nova Troopers attempted to infiltrate the base, RAIDERS starts out to destroy the Nova Troopers in their tracks and stop them from killing the Army High Command. Explosive traps that RAIDERS had left for the Nova Troopers went off all around the base, and RAIDERS eventually destroyed the opposition decisively. Thus saving their leaders.

Eye for an Eye…[edit]

Angered, the AHC orders RAIDERS to use Thrawn's tactics against him. The squad is sent to infiltrate the mobile command base used by Thrawn's field commander and assassinate him. His defenses are considerable

—Mission Dossier

Eye For An Aye: a policy followed for generations. Bacredi and Havock took co-pilot and pilot respectively, after the entire squad dressed into honor guard uniforms. They were going to try and infiltrate Thrawn's base—which had his field commander in it. Waulkure, an academy recruit that had just joined them, was acting as prisoner to get them into the base. They landed the LAAT/i after doing some communication work, and were led to the prison where Waulkure was put into her cell after Joamer was able to take off her cuffs and slide her a pistol. A large battle ensued as the prison cells were deactivated and the field troops were taken by surprise. Their M66s were silent, but the field troopers weapons, however, were not. Their shots alerted the entire base of their presence and they began to move out after the field troopers were dead in the prison cell. The Special Forces team was caught on camera by Bacredi and he saw two Noghiri come out of nowhere and decimate half of the Special Forces Squad.

RAIDERS Squad eventually boards a suped up transport of Thrawn's which holds the field commander and the communication array.

Regroup, Reuse, Revenge...[edit]

With no support and being pursued by the Noghri, RAIDERS must try to find a way to sabotage the attack while avoiding capture. Satellite cans of the command post reveals a vulnerable communications array which the AHC orders taken out.

—Mission Dossier

"Regroup, Reuse, Revenge... uttered through RAIDERS coms as they attempted to escape. They boarded a transport and eventually ripped through the inner defenses and made their way to the cockpit. Joamer piloted them into a wall, however, and they became sitting ducks. Havock again led a team through the engine rooms to attempt to destroy a communications array with a computer terminal. The first terminal was destroyed by a gunshot from Bacredi (that went past a desired target) and then the second was destroyed by a suicidal grenade that also ripped part of Bacredi's leg open. Jaenna's team attempted to hold off large crowds of troops, and eight troops from the bottom level that Havock's team didn't engage—they regretted that. After that, Havock was laying on the floor and began seizing—something was obviously wrong. Jaenna, already going into one of her more insane states of mind, turned on the whimpering Waulkure and took her Treppus-II to the girl's throat, killing the newbie. Bacredi and Joamer, who were guarding outside, were caught off guard and were forced to surrender. As with all the other members of the squad after Havock got stabilized.

Livin' on a Prayer[edit]

With RAIDERS' capture, the AHC decides to send in one of the top Spec Forces units to extract them. The squad is HALO dropped with jetpacks from an LAAT over the enemy forces.

—Mission Dossier

Ghost Squad is HALO dropped into the forest, near the RAIDERS last position. They get the jump on a patrolling group of field troopers. The Ghosts make their way to the ruined mobile command base and manage to get the entry hatch open. They explore, finding no living person but lots of evidence of the RAIDERS presence. Ghosts find a route that was probably used to move the RAIDERS squad. Following it they see the RAIDERS being loaded up into a transport and they do not look good at all.

You Give Thrawn a Bad Name[edit]

Ghost squad is ordered to extract the RAIDERS before the shuttle departs. Once the squad is secured, they are given coordinates for emergency medivac.

—Mission Dossier

The Ghosts manage to sneak up on a few unsuspecting field troopers, taking them out just before the main firefight began. Drake, the squad medic, takes a noob and makes a run for the transport to check on the RAIDERS. He finds them to be in very bad condition, and is horrified that they have been denied even basic medical care. The ASL, is unconscious and fighting a high fever. The SL is also unconsious, but from a close range stun blast. The rest of the squad is battered and needs bacta patches and some far more. Drake does what he can then organizes the able bodied to assist in the fight against the field troopers. It becomes clear to all of the Ghosts that the RAIDERS needed to get out of the fight and transported out of there as soon as possible. Two of the RAIDERS, Joamer and Havock have only hours to live.

The Ghosts and RAIDERS drive the field troopers off into the forest. Joamer kills one of the noghri, before collapsing from his own high fever. With the aid of stretchers and assistance the two squads manage to find a way though the forest to a clearing that can be used to land a medivac and get the RAIDERS to safety.

Dead or Alive[edit]

With RAIDERS rescued, the AHC orders Ghost to leave as well. Angered by the treatment of RAIDERS, Ghost disobeys orders and goes back after Thrawn's commanders, a mission they know is suicide.

—Mission Dossier

The Ghost squad is picked up by their LAAT pilot as the RAIDERS lift off to receive much needed medical attention. The squad suffered casualties securing the RAIDERS escape. One of them was An'Owyn, the squads HWS and squad leader Doronson's girlfriend. This affected Wisp greatly as she died on the transport. The other Ghosts were shaken and frustrated by the need to complete the RAIDERS mission. They all felt like it was a point of honor to finish what the other squad had started.

The decision was made and the LAAT was turned around, heading for a clearing which another LAAT was being used by Thrawn's commanders as a fallback point. Using the guns on the LAAT they razed the ground, killing many of the field troopers. Running on to the battlefield the Ghosts discover that the troopers that survived the attack ran off to another location. They followed them and found a bunker where the commanders, one noghri, and a final squad of field troopers waited.

The squad fought their way to the depths of the bunker, losing friends along the way. Until only Marcus and Drake were left to meet the final commander and his noghri. They are captured and beaten, the commander convinced that there are more VE troopers in the area. Danica had rigged up an explosion that would collapse the bunker before she was killed by shrapnel. After the commander kills Drake, Marcus smuggly raises the detonator. He kills the commander and everyone else in the bunker, completing the RAIDERS mission and bringing them all honor.

Ghost Squad[edit]

Ghost Squad

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Enemies of RAIDERS[edit]

Killed by Joamer in single combat on day nine of the Invasion.