Retired Commendations

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These were awarded for OOC activities that are no longer available.

Bbrib1.gifBbrib2.gifBrib3.gifBrib4.gifBrib5.gifBrib6.gifBrib7.gifBrib8.gifBrib9.gif Crusader’s Laurel [CL-1][CL-2],[CL-3][CL-4][CL-5][CL-6][CL-7][CL-8][CL-9]

Bequeathed to pilots who are veterans in battle and have engaged in and won numerous skirmishes and engagements (official multiplayer games).

GCR.gif Good Conduct Medal [GCM],

The Good Conduct Medal was awarded to any member who either does not partake in a on-line argument/fight (including extreme violations of IRC code of conduct and bylaws) while at the same time reporting the problem to the appropriate personal or has shown exceptional kindness and empathy to members over a long period of time.

EEArib.gif Exhausted Efforts Award [EEA],