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General Information

medium cruiser/capital ship


Strike-class Medium Cruiser


Loronar Corporation


Vast Empire


Task Force Besh


First Vast Imperial Fleet

Technical Information

450 meters


90 meters

Maximum Acceleration:

4 MGLT/sec



Hyperspace Rating:
  • Class 2.0
  • Back-up class 12.0

rated at 1600 SBD


rated at 768 RU

  • 20 Turbolaser cannons
  • 10 Turbolaser batteries
  • 10 Ion cannons
  • 10 Tractor beam projectors
Starfighter Complement:
  • 1-3 squadrons of TIE variants (depending on configuration)

1,972, including 140 gunners


340 troops, maximum


6,000 metric tons


1.5 years

History & Usage
  • Frigate
  • Starfighter Carrier
  • Cruiser
  • Convoy Escort
  • Commerce Raider
  • Inderdiction/Fleet Support
  • Planetary Assault
Past Commanders:

ESNSFC.GIF Wyl "Trick" Trykon

General Information[edit]

A comparison of the Surprise's possible configurations.
The Surprise is the lead ship of a sub-class of Strike-class Medium Cruisers developed by the Vast Empire's Navy; these vessels have been modified to use a special gravity well module, giving them a limited interdiction capability. The six ships of the sub-class - Surprise, along with sister ships Hunter, Predator, Raider, Stalker, and Success - were designed to serve either as lethal commerce raiders, or tactical support ships during major fleet actions. Surprise excels in these roles, but can also be configured in any of the more traditional Strike-class load-outs for unmatched versatility.

Service History[edit]

Years ago, Surprise was removed from active duty and carefully hidden as a part of a massive misinformation campaign undertaken by the Vast Empire's Naval Intelligence service to hide the development of the gravity well module. Wyl Trykon was the first Imperial commanding officer the Surprise had seen since the refurbished (and renamed) vessel reentered service.

Under Trykon's command, Surprise set out in the wake of the Second Battle of Belgaroth to raid enemy shipping, along with the other ships of her sub-class. The independent commerce raiders were hugely successful in that role, but during the campaign, Surprise happened upon a transport carrying a New Republic scientist, who admitted - after a thorough VENI interrogation - to being part of a secret project to build a new and better cloaking device, capable of hiding a Star Destroyer-sized vessel. As Surprise and her sister ships were the only Vast Imperial vessels in the area, Trykon had no choice: he gathered the nearest of the other raiders to him - the Success - and together, the two Strike-class Medium Cruisers set out to destroy the New Republic installation, and the prototype cloak-capable Star Destroyer, called the Umbral Blade. The ensuing fight was chaotic, but although Success was destroyed, so was the New Republic base, along with the Umbral Blade.

Not long after that mission, VENI warned that the Imperial Dominion was going to attack the Vectra System itself. Surprise, along with the majority of the Fleet, was mobilized for the defense. But, with plenty of interdiction-capable vessels in the assembled VE fleet, the decision was made to convert Surprise to a different configuration: that of troop transport. The gravity well module was removed, and extra storage space made available for troops, and Trykon was given command of a miniature task force of three Strike-class ships, all similarly equipped: Surprise, Trenchant, and Acrimonious. During the subsequent Battle of Abrae, the Trenchant is destroyer by an Imperial Dominion saboteur, but Surprise manages to protect Acrimonious long enough for the latter ship to crash-land in the main hangar of the massive Allegiance-class Star Dreadnought Loyalty, the flagship of the Imperial Dominion invasion force. The boarders from the Acrimonious, assisted by teams sent from Surprise, managed to capture the enemy ship, effectively winning the battle for the Vast Empire. Unfortunately, even as the Loyalty was taken, Trykon was forced to order his crew to abandon ship - Surprise was too badly damaged to continue the fight. After the battle, the ship would be salvaged by the victorious VEN, but Surprise would spend the next seventh months in drydock, undergoing extensive repairs.

Watch Schedule and Crew Roster[edit]

The Surprise runs on a rotating shift schedule of three watches (each watch lasts eight standard hours), with the entire crew reporting to duty stations during General Quarters. The only senior officer not on a specific watch schedule is the ship's Chief Medical Officer, who is on-call and available for consultation at all times, but only has an assigned duty station during General Quarters. The Watch Rotation is as follows:

First Watch[edit]

Second Watch[edit]

Third Watch[edit]

    • Deck Officer:
    • Communications:
    • Helmsman:
    • Co-pilot:
    • Astrogator:
    • Sensors:
    • Weapons Control:
    • Defense:
    • Engineer:
    • Medical:

General Quarters[edit]

Combat Log[edit]

Mission Designation Mission Type Damage Inflicted Damage Taken & Casualties Notes Mission Began Mission Ended
Surprise: The Vast Empire Strikes Back Retaliatory Raid on NR Shipping
  • 4 New Republic X-wings, destroyed
  • 1 New Republic Action VI freighter, captured
  • 1 New Republic Research Facility, destroyed
  • 1 New Republic modified Imperial II-class Star Destroyer (Umbral Blade), destroyed
  • 1 Strike-class Medium Cruiser (Success), destroyed
  • moderate damage to Surprise
  • 9 VE TIE Interceptors destroyed, 7 pilots killed
  • 30 VE Army troopers KIA, during the boarding action to destroy the base
  • After the Battle of Belgaroth, Surprise and her sister ships go hunting for NR and Remnant merchant shipping.
  • During their first action, they discover a suspiciously well-defended New Republic freighter in the asteroids of the Hirisi System, and a group of vile space-borne predators - Scree!
  • A captured NR scientist reveals the location of a NR research station, where a new cloaking device is being developed.
  • Surprise and Success attack the NR base, and destroy it, along with a cloak-capable New Republic Star Destroyer, the Umbral Blade. Success is destroyed during the battle.
December 9, 2011 February 26, 2012
VEN: Out of the Invisible System Defense against an attempted invasion of Abrae by the Imperial Dominion
  • 1 Allegiance-class Star Dreadnought (Loyalty), captured
  • 1 Imperial II-class Star Destroyer (Countenance), destroyed
  • 1 Strike-class Medium Cruiser (Trenchant), destroyed
  • 2 Strike-class Medium Cruisers (Surprise and Acrimonious), heavily damaged
  • Along with the Halcyon Warrior, the Dead Gun, and the other ships of Trykon's Cruiser force, Surprise contributes to the destruction of the ID Star Destroyer Countenance
  • Surprise escorts Trenchant through the battle to the Loyalty. It is then heavily damaged, and abandoned, just before the surviving Imperial Dominion ships escape to hyperspace.
March 1, 2012 June 28, 2012