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Executor SSD.jpg

Production Information

Capital Ship


Executor-class Star Dreadnought


MIST Corporation

Technical Specifications

19 Kilometers

Maximum Acceleration

1,230 G



Hyperdrive Rating
  • Class 2
  • Back-up Class 10

Titanium-reinforced alusteel



Minimum Crew


Cargo Capacity
  • 250,000 metric tons
  • supplies for 300,000 individuals
  • Command Ship
  • Starfighter Carrier
  • Battleship/Dreadnought
  • many of the battles of the Vast Imperial Navy, RDA recruitment mission

First Vast Imperial Fleet

Known Commanders


The so-called "'Super' Star Destroyer" Atrus is one of the most powerful capital ships in the Galaxy. A modified Executor-class Star Dreadnought, Atrus is the pride of the Vast Empire, the overall command-vessel of the faction's Navy, and the traditional flagship of the Naval Commander-in-Chief (though it is worth noting that the ship has been commanded by officers serving in other positions, at times).



Soon after the Vast Empire's creation, the founding members of the High Council agreed upon the need for a strong star-navy, with a "Super"-class Destroyer at its core, but the newly autonomous faction did not (at that time) have the resources or shipyards to build such a massive vessel. The High Council therefore decided to contract an outside group - a mysterious interstellar organization known only as the MIST Corporation - to build them a new, modified SSD. Despite the enormous costs of the project (rumored to be in excess of 600 million Imperial Credits), the High Council accepted the terms of the contract offered by the MIST Corp., thereby securing a new Star Dreadnought for the nascent Vast Empire.

Upon its completion, the Star Dreadnought was christened the Mustang, and officially commissioned in a lavish ceremony presided over by Majere. Mustang was heavily modified and augmented compared to the base-model Executor-class design, incorporating twice the amount of Alusteel armor on the superstructure, and featuring a backup deflector system which effectively doubled the ship's shield strength, and ensured it would not meet the same end as the first ship of its class, the ill-fated Executor itself. In addition, the Mustang's crew was supplemented by a complement of TIE/d droid starfighters and the associated equipment necessary to control them.

Early Career[edit]

Atrus (then called the Mustang), escorted by two Imperial-class Star Destroyers of the Vast Empire Navy
While the general narrative of the Mustang 's service history is known, specifics are still highly classified. After its commissioning, the mSSD was nominally the flagship of the Vast Empire's Navy, but in reality the massive Star Dreadnought was crewed and controlled by the Vast Empire Special Forces Division, and later by the mysterious Dark Jedi Order. Information regarding the Mustang 's activities during this time is limited to conjecture and hearsay, though the ship was known to accompany Navy task forces on missions from time to time.

Eventually, for reasons which were left unspecified, the Dark Jedi Order relinquished its control over the Mustang, and handed the modified SSD over to the Navy, in whose charge it was put to use as the flagship of the Naval Commander-in-Chief, and the command vessel of the entire star fleet.

  • Note: In real time, the Atrus first entered VE service on May 1, 1999 (again, under its original name, the Mustang)


After the loss of Fleet Admiral Atrus Hexum, the Mustang was renamed Atrus in memory of its former Captain, the Naval Commander-in-Chief.

  • Note: Atrus was a real member of the Vast Empire, who was tragically taken from this world by a careless driver in August of 2001. A memorial has been set up in his honor at

Current Assignment[edit]

The mSSD Atrus is generally kept in reserve with the First Vast Empire Fleet (the more defensive "home fleet" of the VE), to protect VE territory and rapidly respond to any emerging threats.

Current Crew Roster[edit]

The Atrus operates on a standard three-watch schedule. Known crew members are listed below.

Primary Watch[edit]

Secondardy Watch[edit]

Tertiary Watch[edit]

  • WC - Wing Commander of the starfighters aboard Atrus