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Vast Imperial Navy Certificate
Wing Command
Skills & Talents Learned
Wing Command Skill

Overview & Tiers[edit]

A Vast Imperial Starfighter Wing.


Mission 1: Wing Command - "Stay in attack formation!"[edit]

Starfighter pilots aspiring to become Wing Commanders will be assessed on their leadership abilities, decision-making skills, and tactical competence. To pass this skill, one must demonstrate the capability to command up to five squadrons of starfighters in a combat scenario.

The training simulation features a reprise of the Battle of Liinade III. In this "What If" Scenario, the Hegemony forces will be replaced with VE ships and starfighters, giving you a better chance of victory. For the simulation, you will be deployed from the ISD Dominant, commanding the starfighter wing consisting of 3 VE TIE Interceptor Squadrons and 2 regular TIE Fighter squadrons against New Republic forces, consisting of

  • 1 Imperial II-class Star Destroyer
  • 1 Victory II-class Star Destroyer
  • 3 B-wing Squadrons
  • 2 X-wing Squadrons

To earn this ancillary, the applicant must have the ability to display leadership, levelheadedness under pressure, tactical competence, an intimate knowledge of the fighters involved and thorough understanding of starfighter combat tactics. The scenario should probably end in defeat, but that does not mean failure. The writer will be assessed on the content, verisimilitude, and knowledge that is displayed in the post. NOTE: This is not a test of your flying skills, but of your command skills.

Links and Resources[edit]

Here is a list of useful, external links for use in tactical training.

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