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Demetrius "Hades" Aita
Military Information



Lieutenant Commander


Flight Leader




Jexxel Squadron


Blade Wing








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Vast Empire

Physical Description


Skin color:






Hair Color:


Hair Style:


Facial Hair:

Clean Shaven




One scar stretching from the far end of his left brow, curving down around his left eye to his left cheekbone.





Biographical Information



Nar Shaddaa



  • Galactic Basic
  • Mando'a
  • Understands Shyriiwook
  • Minnisiat
  • Huttese
  • Flight Leader
  • Suspected VENI Agent



Abrae, Navy HQ.




Dee,or H.



  • Live to surprise.


  • Copad Parjai; 'Desire victory' in Mando'a.
Fighting Style:

Calm and collected, learned several martial arts during his time in the underworld.

Naval Certifications
First Certification

Special Warfare Combatant

Cert 1.1:

Special Warfare Candidate

Cert 1.2:

Special Warfare Trainee

Cert 1.3:

Special Warfare Combatant

Second Certification

Top Gun

Cert 2.1:

TIE Bomber Pilot

Cert 2.2:

TIE Avenger Pilot

Cert 2.3:

Not yet Achieved

Third Certification


Fourth Certification


Ship Captaincy Certification
Ancillary Skills
Ancillary 1:


Ancillary 2:

Advanced Fighter Maneuvers

Ancillary 3:

Xeno-Martial Arts

Ancillary 4:


Ancillary 5:

Hyperspace Mechanic

Ancillary 6:

Starfighter Mechanic

Ancillary 7:

Zero-Gravity Combat

Ancillary 8:

Ground Attack

Ancillary 9:


That man.. as crazy as anybody I've ever seen and ten times as brave. But he's not foolish. Far from it.


Demetrius 'Hades' Aita is a human from the crime-infested world of Nar Shaddaa. He was recently pulled from the Starfighter Corps, simultaneously stepping down as Chief of Naval Training. He has previously served as a Squadron Commander beforehand of Gundark, Chlovi and Tuk'ata Squadrons and flight member in Tuk'ata, Nightshrike and Jexxel Squadrons. Recently, Hades returned to active duty in Jexxel Squadron, being promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Commander.

Running away from home at a frightfully young age, Hades was brought up around all kinds of criminals and scum. However, he managed to make something of himself amidst the muck, starting a youth group and leading it to become an armed gang that protected and educated local homeless children, as well as struck blows against slavery. A botched operation when he was 19 saw Hades fall into the hands of the Galactic Empire's prison world of Kessel. Three years passed before he was offered a way out through service with the Vast Empire's Navy, during the last days of the Galactic Empire. He has since committed himself to the task of reinstating the proper status quo through the Vast Empire, rising through the ranks in his ardent pursuit of order.

He currently holds the rank of Lieutenant Commander as a Flight Leader in Jexxel Squadron.

Current status[edit]

Demetrius Aita's most common expression, a questioning glare.

Flight Leader of Jexxel's Cresh Flight.

FL | LCDR Hades | Silver 9 | S:46 Jexxel | W:101 Blade | ISD Paragon | TF:A | 2Flt | VEN | VE

Physical Description[edit]

Hades, at 5"11 and 85kgs was not exceptionally heavy or tall.. however, he was extremely fit, his build was muscular, yet slim from years of surviving in the criminal world of Nar Shaddaa. He displayed speed, agility and strength born only of one who needed such skills to survive. A scar ran from the end of his left brow, around his left eye and down onto his left cheekbone.


When life gives you lemons, don't make lemonade - make life take the lemons back! Get mad! I don't want your damn lemons, what am I supposed to do with these? Demand to see life's superior, make life rue the day it thought it could give Demetrius Aita lemons, do you know who I am?! I'm the man who's going to burn your house down - with the lemons!


Hades was extremely cunning and quick witted, usually having a sense for danger.. however, he often found himself getting into it due to his love for adventure and his thrill seeking tendencies. He was moody at times, being polite and cold with barely a minute between the attitudes, sometimes alienating his own friends. He had a tendency to be 'grumpy' in the mornings, resulting in a bad mood perpetually throughout the days of the week. He hated drugs, including deathsticks, and made a foolish habit of stealing people's deathsticks and flushing them down the 'fresher. He often spoke sharply to others as his mind followed its train of thought, at times offending people by his accurate insight. Although he had stolen while in the gangs, Hades was no thief; he stole only what was necessary for survival and did not steal from those who had nothing else to live on.

Some people thought of Hades as reckless, if not insane, but that was never clinically proven.

Character’s Background[edit]

Close your eyes for a second. Try to imagine the darkest, most murderous, corrupt place in the galaxy. Times that by a hundred, and you got Nar Shaddaa. It's hard making a living in that town, even harder to stay alive. I managed to do both for 19 years. I had my crew back then, but you still never know what's gonna happen.

—Hades, to one of his cellmates on Kessel

Born on Nar Shaddaa as the child of two poor parents, Hades had no destiny other than poverty ahead of him. However, at the age of 3 he escaped from home, displaying remarkable courage and perseverance to do so. He found shelter at a local orphanage, hiding until his parents came for him. He escaped again, this time with the help of an Imperial deserter, Jarv. Hades and the deserter scavenged what food and shelter they could from the local gangs, which often got them into sticky situations, saved only by his quick thinking. Even as a child he showed speedy decision making. Until the age of 7, he lived as a scavenger - on his 7th birthday, however, he and the deserter met another child on the run who had 3 more children with him.. they decided to form a gang of sorts to better ensure survival. The gang grew in size, attracting children and youths from poverty to run away and join the gang. Eventually they stole some weapons to ensure their own safety and became unwittingly an armed gang.

They held up several diners and tapcafes, which gained the attention of the local Hutt Cartel. Hades himself was captured at one point and tortured by a Hutt, gaining the scar on his left eye. During his time in the gangs he learnt Mando'a, Shyriiwook, Minnisiat and Huttese. By the age of 17 his gang had grown into an armed faction on Nar Shaddaa, and was often hired for protection or for raids.. however, this was not to be.. on his 19th birthday, Hades' gang raided an Imperial munitions depot, as they were running low on ammunition. The attack was a failure, and Hades was captured saving one of his men. He was sentenced to life imprisonment on Kessel, never to be heard from again...

Hades (right) and one of the most despicable inmates he met, fondly known as Smiley.
While there, Hades was subject to torture and interrogation again and again. The warden there believed him to be a Rebel Spy and would not let up until Hades gave in. He never did, though, so his captors made his existence there constant torture, a living hell. Hades took it on himself while there to escape onto Kessel's surface. Having overwhelmed a group of guards with four other prisoners, the quintet of escapees took the breath masks and fled across Kessel's surface. They were out there for days and Hades, along with the other prisoners, had to cope with extreme conditions and survive under intense pressure. He managed to keep all of the prisoners up and going until one died of exhaustion.. That is to say, he was too tired to carry on and subsequently died of thirst.

The escape was short lived, lasting only a few days - though those days seemed like weeks to Hades - before Imperial forces caught up to the prisoners, now only a quartet. Hades thought it was back to the standard routine but no, instead of back to the main prison complex, the Prison warden had decided to send Hades down into the terrifying spice mines. Hades felt certain there was no way out of this, and said his goodbyes to the surface. He had heard the stories - they all had - the spice mines were bad news in any context.

However, his competence had attracted the attention of an Imperial Officer present at the munitions depot. This Imperial Officer, unbeknownst to Hades, had been on the verge of being arrested for treason by the troops. So Hades had unknowingly saved his life.. 2 years later as the larger Empire was collapsing, the officer found Hades and put to him an offer that would repay his debt to Hades - serve the rest of his sentence, or join the Imperial Military, of the newly formed Vast Empire. Hades had always been awed by the Imperials, it had been his dream as a child to join up, and so he did so with enthusiasm...

Service History[edit]

Flight Member[edit]

Upon joining the Vast Empire and passing basic training, Hades was promoted to Senior Crewman - though he failed to attain the Star of the Academy - and assigned to Nightshrike squadron, under his first ever Squadron Commander, Seth Qorbin. Soon thereafter, though, Seth Qorbin was promoted to Wing Commander and Fyston took over as SCO. Fyston soon went AWOL and the majority of Nightshrike was transferred into the newly opened Tuk'ata Squadron. Not long after that, Hades was sent on a mission with SMC Surprise under its captain, Trykon, who had just joined the ranks of the VE's Officer Corps. Hades displayed bravery and efficiency throughout the mission and was promoted to Petty Officer 2nd Class, as well as receiving a Cross of Bravery and a Combat Achievement Ribbon.

Hades arrived back from the Battle of Brinlik, having earned himself six kills, two medals and a promotion. He thought he was on the fast track for the rank of Squadron Commander but instead was assigned to Tuk'ata in the wake of the newly appointed Squadron Commander's departure. This led to the Wing Commander, DeepSix, assigning an ex-slaver by the name of Sayree to the Squadron as Commander. Nobody in Tuk'ata liked the Zygerrian SCO, but they followed her nonetheless - Hades even earned himself ace status under the authoritative and ruthless woman. She was assigned to DeepSix's pet project, Razor Squadron, shortly thereafter.

Flight Leader[edit]

Following that, they were assigned a Squadron Commander by the name of Wager -- one whom liked to deliver speeches that he saw as inspirational, but ended up doing little else. After a brawl in a bar aboard the Atrus, Warrant Officer Wager was sent into a coma by a blow to the head. This sent Tuk'ata into a frenzy - Ryn had already been appointed as XO and Hades as Flight Leader, but it still left a power vacuum that was waiting to be filled. For now, Ryn and Hades filled the roles of SCO and XO respectively.

Squadron Commander[edit]

You hesitate... but as a Squadron Commander, you can't. You have to act. If you don't, you put the entire squadron at risk. Now that's the job. It's not a science. You have to be able to make hard decisions based on imperfect information. Asking men and women to carry out orders that may result in their deaths. And if you're wrong, you suffer the consequences. If you're not prepared to make those decisions, without pause, without reflection, then you've got no business being a Squadron Commander.

—Demetrius Aita as Squadron Commander to Ryn, shortly before the latter's retirement.

Hades' tenure as Flight Leader did not last long either - only one mission before Hades was officially appointed SCO and promoted to Senior Chief Petty Officer.

Hades led the squadron through a difficult time as they were assigned to the VSD Brilliant, under the newly promoted Commander Trykon. They participated in the first scouting run of the Bloodmoon passage and the first incursion thereof - not an outright failure, but not a success, either. It was here that Hades was shot down and captured as a prisoner of war, taken and interrogated aboard the vessel of his nemesis, Okyr Vrail.

After the Battle of Bloodmoon, Hades was appointed as Gundark SCO for a short period in an OOC capacity.

After the former Commander - Dunny - left, Hades was transferred to Chlovi as the Squadron Commander, again in an OOC capacity whilst he was on Tilsec Prime with VENI, IC. Thereafter, Hades was assigned to Jexxel Squadron as a Flight Leader for insubordination, but also as a way to keep the shattered squadron in line. During the subsequent battle, Hades was captured by enemy forces.

Flight Leader[edit]

While having distinguished himself in escaping, Hades was reassigned to Jexxel once more as a Flight leader at the behest of the CNW, his old friend Pherik Zail, with the promise of a reward if he served his tenure with honor.

An artist's depiction of Hades overseeing the graduation ceremony of a large batch of recruits on Abrae


Hades originally joined VENA under Chief of Naval Training Trykon's leadership. He rose through the ranks as a Training Officer, becoming the member of VENA in charge of the Starfighter Training. When Trykon was replaced, Hades was chosen as Executive Officer of Naval Training under Echelon. The latter soon resigned due to outstanding commitments elsewhere and Hades was appointed his successor, being one of the youngest members to join Naval High Command as Chief of Naval Training.

Hades resigned his duties with VENA shortly before his capture.

Hades, Provocateur with VENI.


It is suspected Hades was recruited by the infamous Grey, but it is not known when, how or what missions he's been on with the mysterious Naval Intelligence Department. Rumoured to have a hand in the quashing of the uprising on a VE-loyal prison colony, Ord Vaug, Hades has had various trips that have been either mysteriously marked as 'leave' or otherwise entirely unlisted. Little else is known of his VENI exploits other than that they changed him psychologically.

However; it is known that he was part of the VENI team to Tilsec Prime, having got there aboard a 'borrowed' TIE Vanguard. Once there, Hades met up with Agent Blade, VENI's man on the ground as they made preparations for the main team. Having met up with the main team - including the mysterious Ensign Grey - Hades was split up from the main team with two other agents, Grin and Grim, to provide overwatch.

During his capture, Hades was interrogated about his duties with VENI; somehow his nemesis, Okyr Vrail, not only survived the fall on Tilsec Prime, but fell in with the New Republic as well.


Insignia Rank Start Until Reason for Promotion
Crewman 30th of November 2011 8th of December 2011 Joined the Empire
Leading Crewman Skipped (see next)
Senior Crewman 8th of December 2011 26th of February, 2012 Graduated the academy, awarded for great activity in posting CD stories, as well as for assisting other members on IRC.
Petty Officer Second Class 26th of February, 2012 30th of June, 2012 For high activity and for actions during the Battle of Brinlik.
Petty Officer First Class Skipped (see next)
Chief Petty Officer 30th of June 2012 28th of July 2012 Double promotion for actions during 'Out of the Invisible'
Senior Chief Petty Officer 28th of July 2012 November, 2012 Completed the Special Warfare Combatant Certification
Master Chief Petty Officer November 2012 January 2013 Maintained activity through a difficult time
Ensign January 2013 Passed the FOCE Began the FOCE
Lieutenant Junior Grade 24 March, 2013 Promotion to full LT Passed the FOCE
Lieutenant Unknown 12th of October, 2013 CC:Death
Lieutenant Commander 12th October, 2013 Present OOC development and quality post on Chapter Nine: Prelude


Position Start Until Reason
Trainee 30th of November 2011 8th of December 2011 Joined the Empire
Flight Member 8th of December 2011 Graduated from the Academy.
Flight Member(Tuk'ata)  ? Unknown Transferred to Tuk'ata
Flight Leader (Besh, Tuk'ata) Unknown September 27, 2012 Commitment to Squadron
Squadron Commander (Tuk'ata) September 27, 2012 November, 2012 Outstanding activity.
Squadron Commander (Gundark) November 2012 February 21, 2013 Shot down above bloodmoon, VEN-wide changes
Squadron Commander (Chlovi) February 21, 2013 Transfer to Jexxel Previous SCO's departure
Flight Leader (Jexxel) Transfer to the reserves IC insubordination


Ribbon Award Award Name Date Received Reason
BWC.gif [BWC] Bronze Writing Commendation 7th of February, 2012 25 Career posts
MC1rib.gif [MC1] Merit Cross First Class 11th of February, 2012 Strong and consistent activity.
CBVrib.gif [CBV] Cross of Bravery 26th of February, 2012 For actions during the Battle of Brinlik
CAR.png [CAR] Combat Achievement Ribbon 26th of February, 2012 For actions during the Battle of Brinlik
NS H.gif [HNS] Half Year Service Ribbon 30th of April, 2012 Six months service
SWC.gif [SWC] Writing Commendation 9th of July, 2012 50 Career Posts
NSR.gif [NSR] Noble Service Medal 8th of August, 2012 For exemplary efforts on behalf of the Naval Academy
LOMrib.gif [LoM] Legion of Merit 29th of September, 2012 exceptional quality of posts on story, The Blockade
DSMrib.gif [DSM] Distinguished Service Medal November 2012 For classified efforts on behalf of VENI
DD Pestilence.png [CC:P] Counterpunch Campaign Award November 2012 For participation in Counterpunch: Pestilence
DD Famine.png [CC:F] Counterpunch Campaign Award November 2012 For Participation in Counterpunch: Famine
DD War.png [CC:W] Counterpunch Campaign Award February 8, 2013 For participation in Counterpunch: War
MiD.jpg [MiD] Mentioned in Dispatches February 8, 2013 In recognition of selflessness demonstrated throughout the run of the story
BRC.gif [BRC] Bronze Recruitment Commendation February 2013 1 recruited
ImpGuardian.png [IG] Imperial Guardian March 4, 2013 In recognition of exemplary activity in and out of story.
FOCEdis.gif [*FOCE*] Field Officer Candidacy Exam March 24, 2013 Completion of the FOCE
VCsilrib.gif [VS:S] Victory Cross May 12, 2013 Contribution to CC:Death
MC2rib.gif [MC:2] Merit Cross May 12, 2013 Contribution to CC:Death
DD Death.png [CC:D] Counterpunch Campaign Award May 12, 2013 Participating in CC:Death
CNQST.png [LoC] Legion of Conquest May 12, 2013 Participating in the Navy's number 1 story

Story Participation Log[edit]

Story Participation
Story Start Date End Date Type Post Count
Raptor: Overwhelming Odds 12-2-2011  ? Squadron Training 1
Hades: The Darkness Within 12-2-2011  ? Character Development 1
Hades: Sneaky, Very Sneaky 12-3-2011  ? Ancillary Skill 1
Hades: Conspiracy 12-5-2011  ? Character Development 1
Hades: Rainfall 12-7-2011  ? Character Development 1
Hades: One vs Many 12-7-2011  ? Ancillary Skill 1
Nightshrike: Battle of the Black Hole 12-8-2011  ? Squadron Mission 4
Surprise: The Vast Empire Strikes Back 12-9-2011  ? Ship Story (SMC Surprise) 12
Hades: Stay Alive 12-10-2011  ? Ancillary Skill 1
Nightshrike: Bones and junk and darkness too 12-12-2011  ? Squadron Mission 4
Hades: Tier One Special Warfare Combatant 12-13-2011  ? Naval Certification 1
Hades: "That Stabilizer's Broken Loose, Again" 12-27-2011  ? Squadron Training 1
Hades: Interrogation Ancillary Story 2-6-2012  ? Naval Ancillary 1
Hades: Hyperdrive Mechanic 2-7-2012  ? Naval Ancillary 2
Hades: Tu'kata Schmu'kata 2-9-2012  ? Character Development 2
Ion Control, Fire.. 2-15-2012  ? Character Development 2
Tuk'ata: Welcome to Tuk'ata! 2-28-2012  ? Squadron Story 2
VEN: Out of the Invisible 3-4-2012  ? Vast Empire Naval Story 6
Hades: Zero Gravity Combat 3-4-2012  ? Naval Ancillary 1
Tuk'ata: Trustfall 6-8-2012  ? Squadron Story 1
Tuk'ata: A story of awesomeness 7-1-2012  ? Squadron Story 8
VEN: The Blockade 7-7-2012  ? Naval Run-on 5
VENI: Divided We Stand 7-9-2012  ? Naval Certification/VENI story 4
VEN: Heart of the Fleet 7-22-2012  ? Naval Run-on 2
Tuk'ata: Of Warriors and Men 7-29-2012  ? Squadron Story 7
Counterpunch: Pestilence 9-28-2012  ? Vast Empire Naval Story 5
Counterpunch: Famine 9-28-2012 (joined 10-11-2012)  ? Vast Empire Naval Story 1
Counterpunch: War Unknown  ? Vast Empire Naval Story 9
Counterpunch: Death 2-10-2013  ? Vast Empire Naval Story 19
Hades: Ground Attack, TG tier 1 2-10-2013  ? Naval Certification 1
Heart of the Second 5-24-2013  ? Vast Empire Naval Story 4
Chapter 9: Prelude  ? Navy Run-on 1
Awake (Hades) 10-20-2013  ? Character Development/Refresher Course 3
Hades: TG Tier 2, Gunnery 10-25-2013  ? Cert/skill post (included in 'Awake') 0
Hades: SFT, TG Tier 3, ASTR 11-2-2013  ? Cert/Skill post 4
LCR "Duty": Cap'n Hades 11-3-2013  ? SCTP Training Cruise 4
Chapter Nine: Navy Part 1: Arrival 11-3-2013  ? Official VE Chapter 6
Hades: A Treacherous Climb 12-25-2013  ? Character Development 2
Hades: SCFE 12-26-2013  ? SCTP Exam 3
Other Divisions Undisclosed  ? Undisclosed 26
Total: 160