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Wyl Trykon
Military Information
ComNet Name:





RADM.GIF Rear Admiral


Imperial II-class Star Destroyer Adjudicator

Task Force:






NS H.gifNS 1.gifNS 2.gifNS 3.gif
SOArib.gifNSR.gifNER.gifNaval Achievement Ribbon.jpg
DD Pestilence.pngDD Famine.pngDD War.pngDD Death.png

Star of the Academy; Star of Valor; Bronze Writing Commendation; Noble Service Medal; Naval "E" Ribbon; Naval Achievement Ribbon; Naval Service: Half Year; Distinguished Service Medal; Silver Writing Commendation; Naval Service: One Year; Victory Cross: Blue Trim; Legion of Merit; Victory Cross: Silver Trim; Imperial Navy Cross; Gold Writing Commendation; Victory Cross: Gold Trim; Cross of Bravery; Counterpunch Campaign Award x4; Naval Service: Two Years; Long Service Medal; Victory Cross: Ebony Trim; Meritorious Service Medal; Legion of Conquest; Imperial Grand Cross; Imperial Guardian; Admiral's Own; Wiki Maintenance Award; Platinum Writing Commendation; Naval Service: Three Years

  • Vast Empire (citizen)
  • VE Navy (active duty service member, Chief of Naval Operations)
  • VE Naval Academy (former commanding officer, former faculty member, alumnus)
  • Kuati government-in-exile (Master of the Kanu, citizen)
Physical Description


Skin color:



1.8m, or 5'10"


61kg, or 135lbs.

Hair Color:

dark brown, some grey at the temples

Hair Style:




Biographical Information




Birth Date:

19 BBY




Kuati is Trykon's native tongue, but he is fluent in Imperial Basic and Galactic Basic as well

  • Chief of Naval Operations for the Vast Empire's Navy
  • capital ship captain
  • starfighter pilot
  • Kalat Kanu, the traditional, palatial residence of the Kanu head-of-family in Kuat City (now occupied by the Kuat Crystal Corporation, a commodities trading company loyal to the New Republic government)
  • a modest apartment on Abrae (maintained, but rarely used)
  • Captain's berth aboard the Adjudicator

Tryk (pronounced "trick"), Trike, or Trickster

  • In accordance with Kuati custom, Trykon has had no contact with his biological parents since his sale as a telbun over a decade ago.
  • Until recently, his former partner (and ex-lover) - Lysander Dromos - was managing many business ventures in the Kuat Sector which rightfully belonged to Trykon; Dromos recently fell into disgrace, lost his ill-gotten fortune, and died under mysterious circumstances.
  • Although he still styles himself as the "Master" of the Kanu Family when among other Kuati Imperial loyalists, Trykon effectively lost all rights as head-of-family when the New Republic occupied Kuat and reinstated the traditional matriarchy.

"Don't look for the difficulty in every opportunity; find the opportunity in every difficulty."

Fighting Style:
  • Trykon is physically weak, but he is also a cunning long-term strategist, adept at planning elegant, efficient campaigns in pursuit of his goals. He values subtlety and patience, preferring to outlast and outwit rather than outnumber or outgun, whether he is fighting from the bridge of a Star Destroyer, the cockpit of a TIE variant, or hand-to-hand.
  • When contingency planning fails, and Trykon is confronted by unforeseen challenges which require immediate action, he becomes a decisive and daring - but still discerning - combatant. As a tactician Trykon is inventive and aggressive: by emphasizing situational awareness he is able to capitalize on momentary advantages which might otherwise go unnoticed, and he has no qualms about exploiting his opponents' weaknesses, enabling him to string together withering chains of well-timed, precisely-targeted attacks and counter-attacks.
Naval Certifications
First Certification

Top Gun

Cert 1.1:

TIE/sa pilot - achieved

Cert 1.2:

TIE/ad pilot - achieved

Cert 1.3:

TIE/D pilot - achieved

Second Certification

Naval Engineer

Cert 2.1:

Basic Engineering - not yet achieved

Cert 2.2:

Intermediate Engineering - not yet achieved

Cert 2.3:

Advanced Engineering - not yet achieved

Third Certification

Bridge Officer

Cert 3.1:

Communications - not yet achieved

Cert 3.2:

Helm - not yet achieved

Cert 3.3:

Weapons - not yet achieved

Fourth Certification


Ship Captaincy Certification
SCAP Cert 1:


SCAP Cert 2:


SCAP Cert 3:


Ancillary Skills
Ancillary 1:

Advanced Fighter Maneuvers - mastered

Ancillary 2:

Fighter Tactics - mastered

Ancillary 3:

Vehicle Mechanic - mastered

Ancillary 4:

Starfighter Mechanic - mastered

Ancillary 5:

Hyperdrive Mechanic - not yet mastered

Ancillary 6:

Astrogation - not yet mastered

Ancillary 7:

Weapons and Targeting (Gunnery) - not yet mastered

Ancillary 8:

Ship Tactics - not yet mastered

Ancillary 9:

Ship Command - not yet mastered

Ancillary 10:

Capital Ship Command - not yet mastered

Ancillary 11:

Interdictor Command - not yet mastered

Ancillary 12:

Task Force Command - not yet mastered

The Empire is withdrawing; so must we. But be certain of this: we will return.

—Wyl Trykon's final transmission to the surviving ships of the loyalist militia, at the Fourth Battle of Kuat

Wyl "Trick" Trykon is a Kuati expatriate serving as the Chief of Naval Operations for the Vast Empire's Navy, after a much-celebrated term as the Chief of Naval Warfare, an eventful stint as the Chief of Naval Intelligence, an impressive tour in Fleet Command, and a brief rotation in the Starfighter Corps. Having flourished under the old Imperial regime on Kuat, Trykon is fiercely opposed to the New Republic's occupation of the planet and its valuable shipyards, and is quietly determined to see the eventual liberation of his home world. Trykon believes strongly in the ideals of the Empire, and has fully committed himself to the task of restoring order and stability to the Galaxy.

Current Status[edit]

Imperial Navy - Active Duty

  • Former Chief of Naval Intelligence; known to work closely with VENI personnel to this day.
  • Suspected ties to the Dark Jedi Order. In recent months, Trykon has been seen wearing a lightsaber clipped to the belt of his duty uniform.
  • ID Line: CNO/RADM Wyl "Trick" Trykon/ISD-II Adjudicator/TF:A/2Flt/FC/VEN/VE/[SoA][SoV][BWC][NSM][E][NAR][HNS][DSM][SWC][1NS][VC:B][LoM][VC:S][NC][GWC][VC:G][CoB.][CC:4][2NS][LSM][VC:E][MSM][CNQST][IGC][*IG*][*AO*][WM0][NDM][MSM][WM1][PWC][3NS](=*AE*=)(=*SAE*=)(=*TG*=)(=*SCFE*=)(=*FOCE*=)
  • Awards and Decorations:
NS H.gifNS 1.gifNS 2.gifNS 3.gif
SOArib.gifNSR.gifNER.gifNaval Achievement Ribbon.jpg
DD Pestilence.pngDD Famine.pngDD War.pngDD Death.png

VE Personnel File: Trykon, Wyl[edit]

Wyl Trykon's characteristic expression: a thoughtful frown.


Recruiter's note: Candidate is a slender, wiry human male with grey-green eyes and dark brown hair. Clean-shaven and of middling-height, he could be mistaken for a much younger being, if not for his mature comportment. Candidate carries himself almost regally, as if accustomed to command: he possesses an uncommon grace and agility, matched by an obvious pride and self-confidence. Could read as arrogant. This inherent nobility/imperiousness is reinforced by an aloof manner, a precise way of speaking, and personal grooming standards which might be called fastidious. No obvious physical problems. Candidate cleared for psych evaluation.

In recent months, Trykon's physical appearance has declined significantly. He has gone from skinny to gaunt, and he looks pale. He doesn't act ill, but he definitely looks unwell.


Psychologist's note: Subject is a serious, reserved, contemplative sort. Almost brooding. He is well-educated, cultured, and outspokenly proud of both. His mannerisms read as prim, and haughty, or even rude. Subject rarely smiles, and maintains a rigid posture throughout interview. Eye contact is healthy. Subject admits to being something of a loner, but claims that underneath his "seemingly cold, humorless, priggish persona" - and this is a direct quote from the Subject himself - "there is a fierce passion, a withering wit, and a faithful, generous friend." Subject is tagged for further psychological evaluation, but is hereby cleared for active duty, effective immediately.

Biographical History[edit]

Kuat, Wyl Trykon's home planet, encircled by the shipbuilding facilities of the Kuat Drive Yards.
Wyl Trykon was born on Kuat, in the year 19 BBY (the year of the Empire's founding), the only son of a working-class family. With few real options available within the rigid Kuati class structure, Trykon’s parents dutifully trained their son for his eventual vocation as a telbun: one of the mannered, gene-donor/tutor slaves so desired by the matriarchs of the great merchant families.

Naturally handsome, intrinsically talented, and a voracious learner, Trykon was driven to fully exploit every opportunity afforded him. His hard work – and his parents’ – was well-rewarded when he scored in the 99th percentile for his coming-of-age tests. Hours after the scores were released, his mother was already negotiating pricing with Kaytara of Kanu, one of the most powerful women on Kuat; everything was proceeding according to plan.

Kaytara of Kanu, the Kuati Mistress who purchased Trykon, and who he later betrayed to the Empire. After her arrest, the Kanu family holdings were turned over to Trykon, and eventually Kaytara died in Imperial custody.
But although he was purchased by the prestigious Kanu family for an exorbitant sum, Trykon was still not satisfied with his accomplishments, and found little joy in his new life as a telbun. When his mistress eventually began dealing with the Rebel Alliance as part of her political maneuvering against the other great families of Kuat, Trykon sensed an unprecedented chance to transcend the class structure of his home world entirely, and he took it: in exchange for betraying Kaytara to the Imperial authorities, Trykon secured the Moff’s support for his own bid to take over his former mistress’ financial holdings - in his own name. By carefully exploiting Imperial prejudices, Wyl Trykon was able to supplant Kaytara in full; the former telbun actually joined the Kuati merchant aristocracy he was bred to serve, and in doing so he became the first male head-of-family in the history of the Kanu Family. He was celebrated as a "masculinist" and crusader for equal rights between the sexes. Kaytara died approximately one year later, while still in Imperial custody, under circumstances which were never disclosed to the public at large.

Kuat was the scene of many significant events in the next years, and throughout them all, Trykon methodically secured his personal control over "his" Family and built up its fortune, in direct partnership with the planet's Imperial officials. Trykon founded numerous businesses during this period, including an interplanetary shipping concern, and quickly and aggressively expanded his ventures at the first signs of success. He invested his significant profits across various economies spread throughout the local sector, obsessively building his personal wealth in an effort to somehow legitimize his claim of membership in the aristocracy. Eventually he realized that, even though the lower classes had built him into a kind of local folk hero, he was still an upstart slave-boy in the eyes of most members of Kuati High Society. So, to redefine himself publicly and permanently, and forever transition from family slave to Master of a Family, the former telbun bought a companion-slave of his own: a young, lithe, clever young man named Lysander Dromos.

Not long after Dromos's arrival at Kalat Kanu (the palatial ancestral home of the Kanu Family), the two men began a romantic relationship, and by the time Trykon had reached the height of his wealth and power, he ruled his Family with Dromos at his side, as an equal partner. Despite the success of several more business ventures and partnerships with local pro-Imperial politicians, misandry and homophobia persisted, casting an inescapable shadow on everything the couple was able to accomplish together.

Then, suddenly, the New Republic invaded Kuat in 8 ABY, stealing its shipyards from the Empire, and ripping Wyl Trykon’s hard-won life of power and privilege away from him. Worse, Dromos turned on Trykon and supported the usurpers, in exchange for promises that he could keep the couple's wealth for himself after the battle. Without any warning, Trykon found himself betrayed, credit-less, and alone. With no other choice, Trykon left his home planet, vowing he would one day return.

An exile, a refugee, Trykon searched the Galaxy with the same quiet, grim determination which had served him throughout his life, looking for a way to rebuild what he had lost, reclaim his world, and be revenged against the rebels. In short, he was looking to join the Empire.

But the Empire was no more; only fractured remnants remained, each one fighting the others for dominance. The Third Battle of Kuat had made Trykon wary of the self-styled Warlords who led these post-Imperial factions, for even though some of them were truly brilliant, few seemed to embody the ideals of leadership necessary to restore peace and security to the Galaxy. Trykon had no interest in serving thugs like Zsinj, sociopaths like Ysanne Isard, or any of the power-mad Force-users who came to prominence during these dark years. For a time, Trykon fought with a group of Kuati "freedom fighters" - bandits with delusions of nobility - and despaired of ever seeing the Empire rise again, until Grand Admiral Thrawn returned from the Unknown Regions. Then, in less than a standard year, the Imperial rebirth Trykon had been hoping for seemed both inevitable, and imminent. But just as he finalized plans to enlist with Thrawn's fleet in 9 ABY, Trykon's faith in the Grand Admiral was badly shaken by the debacle at Bilbringi. Even though Thrawn survived, his increasingly desperate faction embraced brutal tactics in the immediate aftermath of Bilbringi, joining in the so-called Plague Wars. Trykon wanted no part of genocide; he gave up on Grand Admiral Thrawn.

Dismayed, but not defeated, Trykon continued to study the post-Imperial factions, looking for a new family. He had just discovered the existence of a small and remote (but promising) group called the Vast Empire when the news came to him that an Admiral Daala had appeared, and was sure to lead the Empire to victory and glory. But long, hard experience had taught the former telbun prudence, and patience. Rather than rushing out to join Daala, he continued on his journey to Vast Empire space, and successfully enrolled in the Vast Empire's Naval Academy on Abrae, in the Vectra System. Surrounded by talented pilots and brilliant officers, all dedicated to reestablishing order throughout the Galaxy, and to doing so honorably, Wyl Trykon had finally found a worthy successor to the Empire of old. With Wyl in the vanguard, the Vast Empire was poised to expand across the stars; the pretenders to the Emperor's throne would be chastised, the usurping rebels and their irreverently-named New Republic would finally be destroyed, and prosperity and peace would once again reign.

The Imperial Navy


After his rise to wealth and power, Trykon became an avid collector of rare, beautiful, and/or valuable items, and by 8 ABY he had amassed a veritable trove of precious stones and diverse artworks, in addition to a number of personally-modified starfighters. Almost all of these assets were lost when Kuat fell to the New Republic, and others were sold to finance Trykon's life in exile; the few remaining items are cataloged below, along with more recent acquisitions:

The Revenant above Kuat, as observed from the Kanu family's executive suites in the civilian zone of the KDY ring.



  • 1x lightsaber, worn clipped to his duty uniform's belt
  • 1x DL-44 heavy blaster pistol, kept in storage

Personal Items[edit]

  • 1x Laroonwood Valet Box, containing: 3x Corusca gem, 1x Durindfire gem, 1x Sapphire, 2x Ruby, 1x Droidel
  • 1x custom-built keepsake memory Holoprojector
  • 1x 3-Mal Personal Comlink
  • 2x TIE-series Flight Suit (1x VE-standard, 1x custom)

Service History[edit]

Basic Training[edit]

Trykon in front of his TIE/In, during his Starfighter Corps rotation.
Wyl Trykon joined the Vast Empire in late 9 ABY, and was accepted into the Naval Academy. A decade older than the average Imperial recruit, Trainee Trykon was far more experienced than his peers, having already logged thousands of hours piloting starships of all sizes (as the owner/operator of an interstellar shipping concern and as an avid starfighter enthusiast), and having already served in real combat on diverse occasions (against pirates, and in several engagements during the ongoing Galactic Civil War, where he fought with other Kuati Imperial-loyalists in an irregular militia unit). Drawing on this wealth of life-experiences, and on his first-rate formal education, Trykon excelled in his studies at VENA, and soon graduated at the top of his class. In recognition of this accomplishment, Trykon was awarded the Star of the Academy medal, and offered a plum, fast-track assignment: Helmsman of the CR90 Corvette Hammer.

But even as Trykon celebrated his personal triumph, the Vast Empire as a whole suffered a debilitating defeat: an unknown foe poisoned the banquet at the Annual Naval Review, killing scores of the Navy's finest, most-senior officers in an exquisitely-planned and flawlessly-executed terrorist attack. In one stroke, the Navy's command hierarchy was literally decimated, and the crippled Vast Empire was suddenly at war with a faceless (and utterly ruthless) enemy.

Early Career[edit]

Contributions to the all-navy story, "Into the Invisible":

  • CR90 Hammer: At the Asteroid 19 Training Facility in the Vectra System for scheduled shakedown maneuvers, the Hammer unexpectedly encountered a hostile Lancer-class frigate. Superior skills, smart tactics, and not a small measure of luck allowed the corvette to disable the bigger, more powerful enemy ship, and re-occupy the Training Facility for the Vast Empire.
  • 82nd Fighter Squadron: When a large New Republic force attacked elements of the First Fleet in the Rrulinn system, Trykon was aboard the Devastator, still in transit to the Iron Duke to report for duty with Nightshrike Squadron, and therefore he did not have an assigned TIE Interceptor to fly. Eager to join his new squadron-mates, Trykon chose to fly a damaged Interceptor with no missiles into the fray, and earned six starfighter kills during the battle, becoming an instant ace.
  • Mercy Flight: Command took notice of Trykon, and after much pleading on his part, he was granted an opportunity to lead a flight of four TIE Defenders in a precise, daring raid. The plan worked perfectly: the Vast Empire's Naval Intelligence apparatus, using a subtle misinformation campaign, lured a squadron of New Republic Y-Wings to a convenient ambush site on a small, insignificant moon belonging to a rival Imperial faction, and there the Defenders of the so-called Mercy Flight waited. All twelve enemy starfighters were eliminated (with four personal ship-to-ship victories for Trykon), and all four VE vessels escaped unscathed, which was of critical importance. Without survivors to interview or any wreckage from the attacking ships to analyze after the fact, the New Republic had to assume the other Imperial faction was responsible for the ambush, since it occurred in their territory, and the Vast Empire was able to stay out of the conflict while the two sides continued to hammer away at each other. This was the first time Trykon would collaborate with the "Greys," as the agents of the Naval Intelligence bureau were informally called, but it would not be the last.
  • mSSD Atrus: After his actions at Rrulinn and with Mercy Flight, Trykon was transferred again, this time to a Helmsman position on the Vast Empire's flagship, the mSSD Atrus, under the command of Rear Admiral Ph'rranix Krazanr. His rotation in the Starfighter Corps was behind him; he began the long climb through the ranks of Fleet Command. At this time, he was rewarded for his earlier actions during the battles in the Rrulinn and Vectra Systems with a medal: the Star of Valor.

Ship Captain Training Program[edit]

Trykon on the bridge of the mSSD Atrus, in a contemporary self-portrait.

Trykon's distinguished service on the Atrus garnered him an invitation to enter the Ship Captain Training Program, despite his relatively junior rank of Chief Petty Officer. After gathering a crew, Trykon was placed in command of the Warden-class Light Cruiser Duty, for an evaluation mission. On this training patrol of the Vectra System, the Duty intercepted a suspicious freighter, and then was attacked by a hostile pocket starfighter-carrier. While Artur Phylas (the ship's Executive Officer) led a boarding party to capture the freighter, Trykon coordinated the battle against the transport and its two fighters from the Duty's bridge. Phylas's team successfully commandeered the freighter, and, together with the crewers still aboard Duty, the Imperials were able to destroy the enemy carrier and one of its escorts, prompting the remaining fighter and the remnants of the smuggler ship's crew to surrender. After this success, Wyl Trykon was provisionally named Captain of the Duty, and the ship was ordered to complete a shakedown cruise prior to combat deployment with one of the Navy's Fleets.

While conducting a weapons test at the outskirts of the Vectra System as a part of the ship's shakedown exercises, the Duty received word that a pirate group was attacking a nearby freighter and its escort. Trykon intervened, despite being grossly outmatched (there were no fewer than twelve starfighters and a corvette in the raiding party), but instead of coming in with lasers blazing, he tried to convince the pirates that he wanted to join them for a share of the plunder. The gambit worked: the pirates were distracted and confused momentarily, and exposed themselves to the Duty's upgraded weapons suite. Working in tandem with the Imperial freighter's Guardian-class escort, the Duty was able to destroy the pirate corvette, and the remaining enemy fighters surrendered shortly thereafter. Unfortunately, the Guardian-class VE ship was also lost during the exchange of fire, along with all hands.

Ship Captain of the Defiance[edit]

Trykon's actions earned him a new ship: the CR90 Defiance, a corvette recently captured from the New Republic. Much of the Primary Shift crew from the Duty transfered to Trykon's new command, and after a brief period to refit the ship, the Defiance went on assignment with Task Force Besh of the Second Vast Imperial Fleet.

Defiance and her Task Force set out for the Coveway System, to confront pirate raiders who had been intercepting VE Bacta shipments, but there they discovered that the thieves were in league with the New Republic, and the subsequent fight was much bloodier than expected. Although the Battle of Coveway ended in a Vast Imperial victory, the newly-revealed criminal-rebel pact and the Task Force's high losses made it a bittersweet success. For his actions at Coveway, where he took command after the TF flagship was disabled, Trykon was promoted to Warrant Officer 1st Class and awarded the Distinguished Service Medal.

The Action at Belgaroth[edit]

Many months later, the Defiance, still under Trykon's command, featured prominently in the Navy's defense of the recently-captured Belgaroth Shipyards. Working closely with a team of communications warfare specialists from Naval Intelligence, the crew of Defiance was able to disrupt a large New Republic fleet, and destroy several key enemy vessels. Towards the end of the engagement, a New Republic Nebulon B Frigate - under the influence of the VENI decoy communications - sustained heavy damage while escorting the Defiance to safety. Trykon ordered his crew to repay that kindness by destroying the larger vessel immediately afterwards, while its shields were down. Although some of his crew members (and other observers) found his ruthlessness during the battle to be distasteful, Trykon's commanders rewarded his efficiency with a promotion to Chief Warrant Officer and the command of a Strike-class Medium Cruiser, the Surprise.

Striking Back with Surprise[edit]

Exploiting the losses suffered by both sides during the Battle for Belgaroth, the NHC dispatched Surprise - along with five other Strike-class vessels similarly rigged to carry a gravity well generator module - to destroy the suddenly under-defended merchant shipping in local New Republic-controlled space. The first freighter Surprise interdicted put up more of a fight than expected, in a system where several Scree had taken up residence, but the Vast Imperial Cruiser escaped from the fight after losing a single pilot, and after capturing a single prisoner: a New Republic scientist. After long weeks of successful raids against the NR merchant marine, VENI operatives aboard Surprise broke their prisoner, and he revealed the existence of a secret research facility in the Brinlik System, which was putting the finishing touches on a new type of cloaking device, installed on an Imperial-class Star Destroyer called the Umbral Blade. Abandoning his mission, Trykon called the Success - the nearest of Surprise's sister ships - in for support and attacked Brinlik in a desperate attempt to destroy this new strategic threat. After a hard fight, Success was destroyed... but so was the New Republic base and the Umbral Blade. When Surprise returned to port, Trykon was awarded another Victory Cross and the Imperial Navy Cross in a lavish ceremony, and he finally achieved his dream of joining the officer ranks of the Imperial Navy: he was commissioned as an Ensign.

Chief of the Vast Empire's Naval Intelligence, and "the Atrasin Affair"[edit]

It was around this time that Trykon publicly stepped down from the post of Chief of Naval Intelligence, a position which he had apparently been holding in secret for an unspecified number of months. Trykon stepped down shortly after Geordi "Driver" Atrasin - then the Chief of Naval Operations - was convicted of criminal misconduct and chose to flee Vast Empire space rather than face censure. Some weeks later, Trykon was awarded the Legion of Merit. The timing of events led to speculation that Trykon was somehow involved in the Atoran cyborg's downfall, but no hard information is publicly available to give credence to these rumors. Trykon himself will not comment on his tenure as CNI, nor on the circumstances surrounding his departure from the post. Nevertheless, many credit him with revolutionizing VENI, and with exposing a dangerous threat from within the NHC itself.

The Battle of Abrae, and Dybbuk's Raid[edit]

Just a month later, the VE's foe - the same enemy which had orchestrated the poisonings on Capp Station - revealed itself: the rival Imperial Dominion faction, based nearby on the edge of the Unknown Regions. As he was now an officer, Trykon led a task force of three Strike-class cruisers (all rigged as heavy troop transports) during the Battle of Abrae, wherein the Vast Empire's Navy repulsed a massive invasion fleet sent by the Imperial Dominion. Despite heavy resistance and internal sabotage, Surprise fought her way up to the enemy's flagship, an Allegiance-class Star Dreadnought named Loyalty, and launched boarding parties. The commander of one of the other cruisers in Trykon's group - Sheol Dybbuk - personally led the boarders to victory over the Imperial Dominion crew and captured Loyalty, ensuring a Vast Imperial victory. Trykon was promoted again, and had earned another Victory Cross.

Brilliant past, Brilliant future[edit]

After the chain of successful engagements, Trykon was granted command of the Victory-class Star Destroyer Brilliant, and promoted to Executive Officer of Task Force Besh, directly under Chief of Naval Warfare Dracule "Drac" Mihawk. When Drac was mysteriously and unexpectedly called away from VE Space after the battle of Abrae, Trykon stepped up to lead Second Fleet. He dispatched the majority of the force to the T-8-chex system, where it defeated the Imperial Dominion's reserve forces and proceeded to raid the worlds along the border with VE Space, while he took the Brilliant to scout a second, hidden route into the Imperial Dominion, which VE technicians had discovered by combing through the astrogation logs of the captured Star Dreadnought Loyalty, which had not been fully erased before the ship was captured during the Battle of Abrae. When both wings of this dual scouting probe/assault met resistance, they broke off and returned to Abrae, where they could combine for the final assault on the Imperial Dominion. With a better idea of the enemy's strength and deployment, Trykon was confident he could defeat them, and High Command seemed to agree: they promoted him to Commander, and with Drac still gone, they named him the Chief of Naval Warfare.


At Abrae, Trykon assumed command of the Imperial II-class Star Destroyer Adjudicator, and the combined Second Fleet departed to war. Many hoped that the mission would see the final end of the Imperial Dominion threat, once and for all.

War with the Imperial Dominion[edit]

Those hopes were realized, though not until many were dead, on both sides of the conflict. The Second Fleet fought their way down the so-called "Bloodmoon Corridor," a hyperspace lane that slipped between the faster-than-light barrier known as "The Tangle," a naturally-occurring collection of singularities and anomalies that effectively walled off most of the Dominion's territories from the rest of the galaxy. Unfortunately, the Dominion knew they were coming, and the two navies were forced to clash again and again, along the route.

In the Battle of Bloodmoon, the Dominion fleet was forced to abandon their most important biochemical weapons lab, on the surface of a satellite called "Bloodmoon." VENI agents destroyed the moon with a high-yield fusion bomb, to ensure nothing in the lab survived to further threaten the VE.

But even before the Second Fleet pushed forward to the Sollamens Asteroids, their chain of uninterrupted successes was finally broken. Dominion POWs were able to capture Vice Admiral Krazanr from the Victory II-class Star Destroyer Brilliant, in a stunning and dramatic escape from custody, forcing Chief of Naval Warfare Trykon to abandon his campaign's timetable, and order the attack on Dominion space earlier than he had anticipated. With the Wookiee Naval Commander in Chief in enemy hands, all other priorities fell by the wayside.

Death of the Imperial Dominion[edit]

Initially, the Second Fleet encountered little resistance in the Sollamens. They successfully landed troops on the largest asteroid in the field, called Gwodd LK Nale, and found signs that the starfighter base on the barren rock had been hastily abandoned. Still eager to recover the NCC, Trykon ordered the bulk of the Second Fleet deeper into the asteroid field to pursue the Dominion space forces, leaving only a small garrison force behind on Gwodd LK Nale. It would prove to be a fateful decision.

Without warning, the pulsar at the heart of the Sollamens erupted with electromagnetic energy, entering its "active phase." The radiation surge was amplified by unique ores in the asteroids of the field, scrambling sensors and communications aboard the Vast Imperial ships. And in the same moment, the Dominion fleet emerged from dense areas of the field, ready to do battle. The First Battle of the Pulsar had begun.

Somehow, the Dominion Navy was able to coordinate their ships, albeit crudely, despite the radiation. The First Battle of the Pulsar was a disaster for the VEN, and after losing several ships to enemy fire, Trykon was lucky to withdraw from the fight in any kind of order. The Second Fleet retreated to Bloodmoon, leaving the garrison on Gwodd LK Nale to fend for themselves.

It took almost a full day for the line officers of the Second Fleet to devise workarounds for the pulsar's radiation, but it was a day put to good use: Trykon discovered a message from the Verpine of Gwodd LK Nale, explaining that they had been forced to use their telepathic bond to help the Dominion coordinate their ships and wanted to help the VE win, and the personnel of the fleet made hasty battlefield repairs to their ships and fighters. Once the new communications protocols and visual targeting procedures were in place, Trykon ordered his surviving ships back to the Sollamens. The starfighter pilots and ground troops on the asteroid had held on, despite fearsome odds, and with the return of the Second Fleet, the tide turned again. The pulsar had gone inactive again, and VEN's numerical superiority seemed set to win the day.

Then the pulsar went active again, and the Dominion navy swooped in for another attack. But this time, they found the Vast Imperials much better organized, and found their own coordination efforts getting steadily worse... the Verpine were subtly changing the messages they relayed, slowly undermining the Dominion fleet commander's battle plan. By the time the man realized what was happening, his ships were out of position, and he was forced to surrender to Trykon or risk the total destruction of his men.

With the Second Battle of the Pulsar won, Trykon left most of the fleet at Gwodd LK Nale to mop up and regroup, while he raced onward to the Tilsec System, capital of the Dominion. When he arrived, though, he found the work of forcing a surrender on the enemy had already been done: VENI agents had fomented rebellion on Tilsec Prime, led a strike team to assassinate the autocratic Governor-General Karstok, and secured the amity of the new provisional government. The war against the Dominion was over, and their territories were annexed into the Vast Empire peacefully, though many are still under military occupation.

For his part in planning and executing the war, Trykon was promoted up to Vice Commodore and awarded the Imperial Grand Cross and Meritorious Service Medal.

A New Chapter[edit]

After that, Trykon seemed to lie low for a while, at least until hostilities reached a head with the newly-independent Corellian League. With war looming, Trykon set out with the Second Fleet to a neutral Imperial-aligned world called Absit, to protect the strategically important stockpile of warships maintained in the nearby Nusiuu Docks Reserve Fleet facility from an expected attack by the Corellians.

Yet again, Trykon managed to be in the right place at the right time, and the Vast Imperial intervention at Absit was a resounding success. The entire Corellian Third Fleet, and the majority of the Third New Republic Battle Group, were both destroyed at the Nusiuu Docks, while Vast Imperial forces and their allies took only light casualties. After such a resounding victory, the stage was set for the most aggressive move ever made by the Vast Empire's Navy: the invasion of the Corellian System itself.

In the wake of his chain of victories, Trykon was promoted to Rear Admiral, elevated to the Chief of Naval Operations, and given command of the mysterious Third Vast Imperial Fleet. It remains to be seen what role he will play in Corellia's liberation...

On the Faculty of the VENA[edit]

Trykon has also served the Vast Empire's Navy OOC, as a training officer and as the XNT (Executive Officer of Naval Training). Early in this parallel VENA career, he was given control over the Fleet Command training programs for Bridge Officers and potential Ship Captains. His contributions to the Academy earned him the Noble Service Medal, the Naval "E" Ribbon for Excellence, Effort, and Efficiency, and the Naval Achievement Ribbon.

Chief of Naval Training[edit]

When Commander Rorran "Slasher" Gorma stepped down as Chief of Naval Training to focus on his career in the Department of Naval Warfare, Trykon was promoted to fill the vacant post. Having mentored under Slasher - one of the most successful CNTs in memory - Trykon was intimately aware of the responsibilities of the job, and he got to work immediately, making sure the Academy was not only training new recruits for active duty, but also effectively supporting the educational and career goals of all Naval personnel. Reforms during Trykon's time as CNT still shape the way the VEN greets new recruits, today.

Ranks - VE Navy[edit]

Insignia Rank Start Until Reason for Promotion
CRW.JPG Crewman February 6, 2011 February 8, 2011 Joined the Vast Empire,

Navy Division

LCRW.PNG Leading Crewman Skipped
(see next entry)
SCRW.PNG Senior Crewman February 8, 2011 February 27, 2011 Graduated Flight School with distinction

(high activity and quality prose)

PO2.PNG Petty Officer 2nd Class February 27, 2011 March 20, 2011 Development work (Ancillary Skills program

and Certification system), and story work

PO1.PNG Petty Officer 1st Class Skipped
(see next entry)
CPO.PNG Chief Petty Officer March 20, 2011 April 19, 2011 Outstanding activity,

"both in story and out"

SCPO.PNG Senior Chief Petty Officer April 19, 2011 May 16, 2001 Completed all three tiers

of first Certification (Top Gun)

MCPO.PNG Master Chief Petty Officer May 16, 2011 June 6, 2011 Completed the Ship Captain Training Program
WO2.PNG Warrant Officer 2nd Class June 6, 2011 August 10, 2011 Consistent posting, efforts for the VENA, and

serving as temporary Commander of Task Force: Besh

WO1.PNG Warrant Officer 1st Class August 10, 2011 November 28, 2011 Consistent posting, efforts for the VENA, and

serving as temporary Commander of Task Force: Besh

CWO.PNG Chief Warrant Officer November 28, 2011 December 16, 2011 Consistent posting, especially on the story High Stakes at Belgaroth
OCAN.GIF Officer Candidate* December 16, 2011 February 12, 2012 Appointed Chief of Naval Training
ESN.GIF Ensign* February 12, 2012 June 30, 2012 "diligent work within the VEN/VENA" and "never-yielding activity"
LTJG.GIF Lieutenant Junior Grade* June 30, 2012 November 30, 2012 "leadership during the all-Navy story Out of the Invisible"
LT.GIF Lieutenant* Skipped
(see next entry)
LCDR.GIF Lieutenant Commander* November 30, 2012 February 6, 2013 "planning and leadership for and during Counterpunch: Famine and Counterpunch: Pestilence,
and for work on reforming the Starfighter Corps"
CDR.GIF Commander* February 6, 2013 February 8, 2013 belated recognition of FOCE:
"satisfactory completion of the Field Officer-Candidate Examination"
CPT.GIF Captain February 8, 2013 May 12, 2013 "planning and leadership for and during Counterpunch: War,
and for organizing the Post-Holidays Activity-Boosting Competition"
LCPT.GIF Line Captain Skipped
(see next entry)
VCOM.GIF Vice Commodore May 12, 2013 June 27, 2013 "planning and leadership for and during Counterpunch: Death,
and for work on reforming the Warfare Department"
COM.GIF Commodore June 27, 2013 October 12, 2013 "planning and preparation for Chapter 9, and work reforming the Navy,"
and to "mark promotion to the position of Chief of Naval Operations"
RADM.GIF Rear Admiral October 12, 2013 present "contributions to the Chapter 9: Prelude story,"
and "behind-the-scenes development work for the Navy and VE as a whole"

* denotes rank(s) adjusted after the fact, to reflect the new system of Naval Ranks.

Positions - VE Navy[edit]

Position Start Until Reason
Navtrainee.png February 7, 2011 February 8, 2011 Assigned to Raptor Squadron, Alpha 4 (Trainee),

to begin training as a starfighter pilot

Flightmember.png February 8, 2011 February 16, 2011 Assigned to CR90 Hammer, as Helmsman (Bridge Officer),

to begin training as a capital ship bridge officer (after high activity and quality prose)

Flightmember.png February 16, 2011 March 12, 2011 Assigned to Nightshrike Squadron, Alpha 2 (Flight Member),

to begin active duty as a starfighter pilot

Trainingofficerassistant.png March 3, 2011 May 19, 2011 Granted a position at the Naval Academy, as a Trainer (Training Officer),

to help develop the Naval Certifications system and the Ship Captain Training Program

Flightmember.png March 6, 2011 May 16, 2001 Assigned to mSSD Atrus, as Helmsman (Bridge Officer),

after high activity and quality prose

Shipcaptain.png May 16, 2011 November 28, 2011 Assigned to CR90 Defiance, as the vessel's commanding officer (Ship Captain),

after completing the Ship Captain Training Program

Trainingofficer.png May 19, 2011 December 16, 2011 Promoted to second-in-command of the Naval Academy, a.k.a. the XNT (Executive Officer of Naval Training),

by Rorran "Slasher" Gorma, the new Chief of Naval Training

Trainingofficer.png June 16, 2011 December 16, 2011 Granted the position of Fleet Training Officer, entrusted with overseeing all Naval Academy programs relating to capital ships,
including the Bridge Officer qualifications and the Ship Captain Training Program
Shipcaptain.png November 28, 2011 June 16, 2012 Assigned to Strike-class Medium Cruiser Surprise, as the vessel's commanding officer (Ship Captain),

after the Battles of Coveway and Belgaroth

Trainingofficer.png December 16, 2011 September 24, 2012 Granted the position of Chief of Naval Training, entrusted with overseeing all Naval Academy programs
Shipcaptain.png June 16, 2012 December 12, 2012 Assigned to Victory-class Star Destroyer Brilliant, as the vessel's commanding officer (Ship Captain),

after the Battle of Abrae

Fleetcommander.png September 24, 2012 June 27, 2013 Promoted to Chief of Naval Warfare, succeeding Dracule Mihawk, who is promoted to Chief of Naval Operations
Shipcaptain.png December 4, 2012 present Assigned to Imperial II-class Star Destroyer Adjudicator, as the vessel's commanding officer (Ship Captain),

to better lead Second Fleet

Executiveofficer.png June 27, 2013 present Promoted to Chief of Naval Operations, succeeding Dracule Mihawk, who retires

Awards and Certifications[edit]


Ribbon Award Award Name Date Received Reason
SOArib.gif [SoA] Star of the Academy February 13, 2011 "In recognition of exemplary proficiency in the completion of Basic Training and Flight School" (in <3 days),

and for "consistently high activity and quality prose"

SOVrib.gif [SoV] Star of Valor March 20, 2011 In recognition of "extreme hard work and dedication both in story and out"

during the Into the Invisible campaign

BWC.gif [BWC] Bronze
Writing Commendation
April 27, 2011 In recognition of 25 career story posts
NSR.gif [NSM] Noble Service Medal June 16, 2011 In recognition of "superior and noble service" to the VENA and to new recruits
rendered during the CNT's temporary leave of absence
NER.gif [E] Naval "E" Ribbon
for Excellence, Effort, and Efficiency
June 19, 2011 In recognition of "dedication and tireless work
in creating and expanding the Training Program(s) for Fleet Command"
Naval Achievement Ribbon.jpg [NAR] Naval Achievement Ribbon July 10, 2011 In recognition of "diligent work and enthusiasm"
in creating and expanding the Training Program(s) for Fleet Command
NS H.gif [HNS] Naval Service:
Half Year
August 6, 2011 In recognition of 6 months of active duty in the VEN
DSMrib.gif [DSM] Distinguished Service Medal August 10, 2011 In recognition of "consistent, exceptional, and innovative service"
and for "inspiring others to serve with distinction"
SWC.gif [SWC] Silver
Writing Commendation
August 25, 2011 In recognition of 50 career story posts
NS 1.gif [1NS] Naval Service:
One Year
February 6, 2012 In recognition of 1 year of active duty in the VEN
VCBlurib.gif [VC:B] Victory Cross February 11, 2012 In recognition of wiki development projects, graphical contributions,
and leadership of a successful interdivisional story
LOMrib.gif [LoM] Legion of Merit February 11, 2012 In recognition of "morale efforts,"
and "work to preserve the Vast Empire Axiom"
VCsilrib.gif [VC:S] Victory Cross February 26, 2012 In recognition of "mission development"
for the story Surprise: The Vast Empire Strikes Back
NCrib.gif [NC] Imperial Navy Cross February 26, 2012 In recognition of "leadership, loyalty, service, and honor,"
before and during the story Surprise: The Vast Empire Strikes Back
GWC.gif [GWC] Gold
Writing Commendation
May 8, 2012 In recognition of 100 career story posts
VCgolrib.gif [VC:G] Victory Cross June 30, 2012 In recognition of "leadership"
during the story VEN: Out of the Invisible
CBVrib.gif [CoB] Cross of Bravery September 28, 2012 In recognition of "outstanding contributions"
to the story VEN: The Blockade
DD Pestilence.png [CC:P] Counterpunch Campaign Award November 30, 2012 In recognition of participation in the Pestilence story
of the Counterpunch Campaign
DD Famine.png [CC:F] Counterpunch Campaign Award November 30, 2012 In recognition of participation in the Famine story
of the Counterpunch Campaign
NS 2.gif [2NS] Naval Service:
Two Years
February 6, 2013 In recognition of 2 years of active duty in the VEN
LSM.gif [LSM] Long Service Medal February 6, 2013 In recognition of 2 years of active duty in the VEN
DD War.png [CC:W] Counterpunch Campaign Award February 8, 2013 In recognition of participation in the War story
of the Counterpunch Campaign
VCebnrib.gif [VC:E] Victory Cross February 8, 2013 In recognition of "leadership"
during the story VEN: Counterpunch: War.
MSMrib.gif [MSM] Meritorious Service Medal February 9, 2013 In recognition of having "shown, time and time again,
amazing leadership skills, activity, creativity, and motivational skills."
DD Death.png [CC:D] Counterpunch Campaign Award May 12, 2013 In recognition of participation in the Death story
of the Counterpunch Campaign

Certifications and Exams[edit]

Certification Exams
Symbol Exam Exam Name Date Passed Score Received
FSpass.gif FS Basic Flight School (VE-standard TIE/In) February 7, 2011 Pass-
TG1.gif (=TG=) Top Gun, Tier 1 (TIE/sa) February 7, 2011 Pass-
Aedis.gif (=*AE*=) Aviator's Exam February 10, 2011 25/25 - 100%-
TG2.gif (=^TG^=) Top Gun, Tier 2 (TIE/ad) February 11, 2011 Pass-
Sadis.gif (=*SAE*=) Senior Aviator's Exam March 10, 2011 40/40 - 100%-
TG3.gif (=*TG*=) Top Gun, Tier 3 (TIE/D) April 29, 2011 Pass-
(=*SCFE*=) Ship Captain Fitness Exam May 16, 2011 Pass-
FOCEdis.gif (=*FOCE*=) Field Officer-Candidate Examination February 6, 2013

Story Participation[edit]

Story Participation
Story Start Date End Date Type Post Count
Raptor: Overwhelming Odds story began November 24, 2010;
joined February 7, 2011
 ? Squadron - Raptor,
Personal - Ancillary Skill
VEN: Into the Invisible story began January 27, 2011;
joined February 9, 2011
 ? Division - All Navy,
Ship - Hammer, Squadron - Nightshrike
Trykon: Repulsors and Repulsives story began February 14, 2011;
joined February 14, 2011
 ? Personal - Ancillary Skill 1
Trykon: Routine Beginnings
(SCFE prompt A, post 1)
story began March 5, 2011;
joined March 5, 2011
 ? Personal - Ship Captain Fitness Exam,
Ship - Duty
Trykon: Customs and Complications
(SCFE prompt A, post 2)
story began March 5, 2011;
continued March 14, 2011
 ? Personal - Ship Captain Fitness Exam,
Ship - Duty
Trykon: Surprises and Solutions
(SCFE prompt A, post 3)
story began March 5, 2011;
continued March 29, 2011
 ? Personal - Ship Captain Fitness Exam,
Ship - Duty
mSSD Atrus: Life as an Officer story began March 29, 2011;
joined March 29, 2011
 ? Ship - Atrus 4
Trykon: Defenders of the Empire story began April 4, 2011;
joined April 4, 2011
 ? Personal - Certification 3
2nd Fleet: A Page From the Rebels' Book story began March 29, 2011;
joined April 5, 2011
 ? Fleet - Second 1
Duty: Trykon: Shakedown Cruise
(SCFE prompts C & B)
story began April 27, 2011;
joined April 27, 2011
 ? Ship - Duty,
Personal - Ship Captain Training Program final project
Trykon: The More Things Change story began May 16, 2011;
joined May 16, 2011
 ? Personal - Character Development
Ship - Defiance
Task Force Besh: Snatch and Grab story began May 17, 2011;
joined May 18, 2011
 ? Squadron - Raptor,
Personal - Ancillary Skill
Iron Chef: Abrae - Battle Bantha story began June 8, 2011;
joined June 8, 2011
 ? Personal - Crossover/Parody 1
VENI: Grey story began June 12, 2011;
joined June 14, 2011
 ? Branch - VENI,
as Chief of Naval Intelligence
VENI: A Holo's Worth A Thousand Words story began June 16, 2011;
joined June 16, 2011
 ? Branch - VENI,
begun as Chief of Naval Intelligence
Command School Cadets: Loyalty, Honor, Courage story began June 29, 2011;
joined June 29, 2011
 ? VENA - Command School Exercise 1
Fishhead: New Ship and New Opportunities story began July 31, 2011;
joined August 2, 2011
 ? Personal - Character Development
Ship - Defiance
2nd Fleet: High Stakes at Belgaroth story began August 8, 2011;
joined September 2, 2011
 ? Fleet - Second,
as Chief of Naval Intelligence
2nd Fleet: High Stakes at Belgaroth story began August 8, 2011;
joined August 9, 2011
 ? Fleet - Second 5
Surprise: The Vast Empire Strikes Back story began December 9, 2011;
joined December 9, 2011
 ? Ship - Surprise 13
VENA: Help Is(n't) On The Way story began February 4, 2012;
joined February 7, 2012
 ? Personal - Character Development
VEN: Out of the Invisible story began March 1, 2012;
joined March 1, 2012
 ? Division - All Navy,
Ship - Surprise
VEN: Heart of the Fleet story began June 19, 2012;
joined June 19, 2012
 ? Division - All Navy,
Ship - Atrus
VEN: The Blockade story began June 29, 2012;
joined July 4, 2012
 ? Task Force - Besh,
Ship - Brilliant
2nd Fleet: Counterpunch: Famine story began September 28, 2012;
joined September 28, 2012
 ? Fleet - Second 2
Tuk'ata: Counterpunch: Pestilence story began September 28, 2012;
joined September 28, 2012
 ? Squadron - Tuk'ata,
Ship - Brilliant
VEN: Counterpunch: War story began December 4, 2012;
joined December 4, 2012
 ? Division - All Navy,
Ship - Adjudicator
VEN: Counterpunch: Death story began February 9, 2013;
joined February 9, 2013
 ? Division - All Navy,
Ship - Adjudicator
VEN: Heart of the Second story began May 10, 2013;
joined May 11, 2013
 ? Division - All Navy,
Ship - Adjudicator
Trykon: Damages Large and Small story began May 11, 2013;
joined May 11, 2013
 ? Personal - Ancillary Skill 1
Chapter 9: Prelude: Navy story began June 28, 2013;
joined June 28, 2013
 ? Chapter - The Vast Empire 8
Chapter 9: Navy Part 1: Arrival story began November 3, 2013;
joined November 9, 2013
 ? Chapter - The Vast Empire 6
Stories in other Divisions, pre-EE Undisclosed  ? Undisclosed 35
Stories in the Empire's Edge multiple  ? multiple 40
VE: Revival story began December 15, 2015;
joined December 15, 2015
 ? Club-wide - The Vast Empire 11
Chapter 10: Complacency story began January 30, 2016;
joined February 2, 2016
 ? Chapter - The Vast Empire 1
Stories in other Divisions, post-EE Undisclosed  ? Undisclosed 8
Total: 260